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Date Night

29 September 2014

Comrades, did you know that for tUMD’s home opener against Wisconsin this weekend, tickets are $1 in advance at the ticket office, or $3 on gameday??? That is an incredible bang for your buck. I mean, that’ll be like $0.50 per goal after we shellac whoever starts in net for the Red Menace now that they don’t have Alex Rigsby!

And just like I’ve done for you all in the past, I will buy you a ticket! Yep, even though I’m a student and have no monies, I still want to take you folks to see some stellar WCHA hockey! It will be fun!

As always, even if you are uncomfortable taking my money, you should still attend the game, but come on…

Technical Difficulties

28 September 2014

tUMD 3, UCONN Zippity

VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REDEMPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m excited. I’d have been more excited if the game tracker had not crapped out right before Tea Villila’s goal made it 2-0. Then maybe I could have pieced together the game for you folks a little bit better. I couldn’t even tweet the game for all you superfans out there. Depressing.

So, the first goal was scored on the PP by Zoe Hickel (my pick for first goal of the year, and maybe we can just pretend Friday’s game didn’t happen and make me correct?), the second goal was on the PP as well, and the final goal was an empty netter by one of our new Swedes, Michelle Lowenhielm. And again I think we hit two pipes, maybe more after the feed died. So that’s five or more pipes on the weekend, yikes. Time to recalibrate those eyeballs, Doggies!

So, a terrible recap of a nice Bulldog win. I’m in mid-season form!

Let Me Blow Your Mind

26 September 2014


Hello, I am posting twice in one day, I can’t even remember the last time this occurred. I could use the powers of the Interwebs to find out, but it’s unimportant.

This is not going to be the best gamer ever, because I wasn’t able to watch or listen to the game. The video feed cost lots of moneys, and there was no radio feed. I eventually figured out there was a live stats thingy. It was already 3-0 UConn at that point. Barf barf barf. At the time, I thought Sarah MacDonnell had scored a natural hat trick, but I guess the scoring got corrected and she only had an assist on the second goal. Only, indeed. Kayla Black got the hook for Karissa Grapp after the third goal. Because I was late to finding the stat tracker, I thought Grapp had started the game, oops. I don’t really understand what the heck happened, because Black was back for the second period, but thank you, Karissa, for jumping in and stopping the hemorrhaging.

As it turns out, other people were allowed to score two goals in this game. Lara Stalder got tUMD on the board first with a power play goal (ruining my pick of Zoe Hickel for first Bulldog goal) and then she and Ashleigh Brykaliuk traded off scoring, with Brykaliuk’s second goal coming shorthanded. Tragically, UConn scored just 44 seconds later while still on the PP, and then nothing else happened.

UMD got off 58 shots on goal through 65 minutes, compared to the Huskies’s 20, and I would love to see the shot attempts count because I saw quite a few blocked shots and AT LEAST 3 pipes pass by my screen.

The stats tracker thing was kind of hilarious. I took a screen shot for you all.
That referee popped up whenever there was a penalty, and when the penalty ended, a big whistle popped up. Very exciting!

Let’s try to salvage this weekend with a nice win, ok? I mean, coming back from a 3-goal deficit to tie the game was nice, but winning in a dominating fashion is even better. Tomorrow’s game is at 2:00, you can watch the stat tracker or follow my tweets, if you’re into swear words.

I Know Bulldog Hockey Season Has Started When…

26 September 2014

…the leaves start changing in Duluth.

…Biddco and I start making plans for what we need to buy at the balloon sale.

…hockey posters are all over campus and students are wearing their new Penalty Box shirts. (Why isn’t there a shirt for old, paying people? It could say “I’ll stand up when I feel like it, whippersnappers!”)

…my Twitter timeline starts exploding with polls, all of which I ignore.

…the Twins have reached the 90-loss threshhold.

…nonsensical arguments with cherry-picked facts about whose team/player is better than some other team/player, or why women’s hockey sucks, or apparently why Northern Ireland is the ideal spot for the Beanpot, intensify.

…I see one of my favorite fellow Bulldog fans and RWD comrade, Tony.

…Bruce Ciskie is all over the local media.

…my friends and I start strategizing our road tripping plans in great detail.

…UND, UMTC, and SCSU fans’s predictions for their teams become exponentially more outrageous.

…hockey games are being played. Like tonight, when your 5 time national champion Bulldog women’s hockey team takes on the UConn Huskies!

Video Killed The Radio Star

10 September 2014

No, this isn’t a story about Judd Medak murdering Bruce. Although now I would have to think of a better post title for that since I’ve just used the obvious one. Maybe Ding Dong The Bruce Is Dead. I am prepared for all contingencies.

Today the NCHC announced it’s launching a digital network, This gives the NCHC the dubious honor of being “the first single-sport NCAA conference to offer a fully integrated digital network.” Hooray?

I think it’s pretty cool, PROVIDED we don’t have any Floating Tiger Head nonsense or massive streaming issues.

Here are the features:

  • Live feeds of “nearly all” home games, meaning the possibility of blackouts for certain games, or simply unavailable feeds, which I suppose could be possible for certain out of conference road games.
  • Access to archived and condensed games. This means I can make hilarious screencaps of things! Maybe.
  • Free on-demand content, such as game highlights, press conferences, and other features.
  • Lots of different subscription packages which I don’t feel like detailing because you are all literate individuals and can clickety-clack over to one of the links I provided. I think the links say almost exactly the same thing but one is from tUMD’s site and one is from tNCHC’s site.

Since I live in Duluth and attend all home games, I’m not sure this package will be beneficial to me, but for the comrades in the RWD Empire spread throughout the land, this will be a game-changer! Literally!


3 September 2014


Well. This was supposed to be a well-timed post that would be part of a bigger celebration marking ten years of this site. But I thought the anniversary was tomorrow and in fact it was yesterday. I suppose I could backdate the post and no one would know! But that is pointless. And it’s practically RWD tradition at this point to write a late post.

Writing this site has been an extraordinarily rewarding experience. It’s stress-free, it’s flexible, it’s fun, and has zero consequences. Well, it costs me a little money every year to host this site, but that’s about it.

When I started this site, I had very little interaction with the vibrant community of college hockey fans. I posted on [racist mascot] a bit, I guess. Then I joined tPB and USCHO and started reading other blogs and eventually tweeting and things happened.

Things like dressing up as MEg and hanging out with faux refs in St, Cloooud.

Or traveling to Houghton and meeting up with a bunch of Tech fans and tUMD fans.

Or meeting this fine woman and role model.

Or dressing up like an idiot to get on ESPN and witnessing one of the most exciting moments in Bulldog history.

Or dressing up like an idiot and getting picked to ride the Zamboni at the Final Five.

Or enjoying one of our frequent wins at Mariucci with the finest fans in hockey.

Or getting checked from behind by Jupiter, GPL Headmaster.

Or standing next to my best friends as they promise to spend their lives together. With me.

Thanks readers, tweeters, commenters, detractors, linkers, and assorted party animals. It’s been a blast so far!

Year One

22 August 2014

This last season was my first season covering tUMD women’s hockey. I’m going to give myself a solid D- for the season.

Of course, every other season prior I’d have to give myself an F. The site was a big fat failure in terms of supporting Bulldog hockey, considering I was only supporting 50% of the programs. Only in engineering is 50% ever not a failing grade; I don’t think sports blogging has a curve.

I told myself and others that I didn’t know how to seriously write about hockey. I only knew how to make jokes and bad Photoshop images. Enough people laugh at women’s hockey, there’s no need for me to laugh with them. And other excuses.

But how can I ever ask for women’s sports to get more coverage, support, and respect if I won’t do it myself? How did it take me ten seasons to figure that out? I suppose I am older and wiser now, but I’m still bothered by what a big fat hypocrite I’ve been. Last season I finally chucked all those excuses and just started writing.

There are two good things about the dearth of coverage of women’s hockey. The first is it provides me an opportunity to write about something without worrying I’m redundant. Point me to another tUMD women’s hockey blog. (If there’s one maintained out there and I don’t know about it, shame on me!) The second is no one is out there doing it better than I can do, so my crappy attempts to write about the game rather than just make a bunch of jokes, say “and some things happened,” and call it a day, like I do with men’s hockey, aren’t being compared to someone else’s more eloquent, more informed commentary. So what if I’m not able to dissect the game like a veteran sportswriter? It’s not like anyone else is. Eventually writers better than me will come along, but until then? I’m the best you’ve got. And maybe I’ll get better along the way.

Ok maybe that last part is a pipe dream.

As it turns out, I was able to cover women’s hockey in a fairly similar fashion to how I cover men’s hockey. It’s amazing what happens when I’m able to actually attend games. I don’t have to make stuff up to distract from all the actual play I didn’t see/had to rely on Bruce Ciskie to badly describe. Imagine that, seeing games in person makes it easier to write about them. GROUNDBREAKING. I think I even made some jokes in my women’s posts and it turns out it wasn’t a betrayal to the sport and I was worried about that for nothing.

This season is going to be even better for me in terms of balance. I have a new, more flexible job than I did last year, and I can set my own hours. No more Sundays! No more late Saturday nights! No more Black Friday! And MORE HOCKEY! Specifically more WOMEN’S hockey, as I managed to make every men’s game last year, including the exhibition game where I brought my circuits textbook.

Of course, this means more of you are going to have to come to women’s games, too, so that you can keep up with the site. I’ll see you Friday, 3 October!


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