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Hello, I’m Donna Carpenter. I’m an engineer, an Augsburg and tUMD alumna, and a St. Louis Park native. I’m creepy a lot.

I started writing Runnin’ With the Dogs in September 2004, inspired by my love of Bulldog hockey and my friend Anne Ursu’s Twins blog, Bat-Girl. She graduated to writing books. I’m still here.

Someone once correlated the decline of the Bulldogs following their Frozen Four run in 2004 with the founding of RWD. It’s buried in the comments somewhere. I wonder if that person watched the National Championship game in 2011 and thought “Gosh, I was wrong about RWD.”

Someone also once commented that I don’t sugar-coat anything. Untrue. I sugar-coat everything. Things you will not see here on RWD include: breaking news or “dirt” on the team or the players, overt criticism of Bulldog hockey players, unbiased assessments of opponents, in-depth analysis of hockey plays and swear words.

What you will see at RWD is poorly Photoshopped images of players in odd and embarrassing situations, wild rants about losses, occasional posts about the hottness of players, entirely made-up stories, and other fun things.

I don’t make any money on this site. If you see ads (usually on the permalink pages), that ad revenue goes to WordPress and not me. Sorry.

If you have something to say that you’d prefer not to write in the comments, please email me at carpe190[at]d[dot]umn[dot]edu. You can also follow me on Twitter (@runwiththedogs), if you don’t mind excessive vulgarity.


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