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>Can You Feel It?

6 October 2004

>Today’s Wednesday. I’ll be at the Bulldog (coincidence??) in Uptown watching the Twins beat the Yankees in a few hours. I couldn’t sleep last night, I was thinking about baseball.

But tomorrow is Thursday. There’s no baseball (well, no Twins baseball), but it’s an important day for all of us. Look, down at the bottom of the page. Do you see that countdown? Do you know that when I started that coundown, there were nearly two months to go??? It’s a sight for sore eyes, let me tell you.

It hasn’t been this exciting since the start of the season after that game we’d rather forget. (That game, however, is a game I do not remember, since I was still learning to form coherent sentences and could not form lasting memories. I do remember the ‘Dogs kicking the everliving snot out of Bowling Green last January, so we’ll just pretend that other game never happened. It’s best for all of us.)

The team is ready. The fans are rabid. Keyport Liquor is stocked.

Sure, we don’t have Junior Lessard. He’s off in the NHL. We can’t tarnish his memory, despite his defection to the forces of evil (Dallas). Living in Canada for so many years, and not even the part of Canada where they speak Semi-English, he might not be aware the Minnesota North Stars had deserted us so many years ago. I imagine Lucien, Jr. showing up to tour the Dallas Stars’ arena, and saying something like “Mon Dieu! What are you talking aboot? Zees ees not Minnesota, eh?”

But tomorrow night (“Hockey on a Thursday? Well, I guess Must-See TV tanked, so we’ve got to put something on.”) the ‘Dogs are going to come out scoring. Notre Dame will not know what hit them. They will wish Rudy had played hockey, not football. They will wish they were French, instead of Indianan.

Are you ready?

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