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>Start Spreadin’ the News

19 October 2004

>Did you hear? Minnesota lost to Alaska-Anchorage! HAHAAHAHHAHAH

First, I have to introduce the other rabid Bulldog fan on the bench for Runnin With The Dogs. My brother, Stew, aka UMDDogz, has been a ‘Dogs fan for a mere year and five months more than I have, by virtue of birth order alone. However, he knows more about hockey, especially the technical aspects, than I, having played hockey himself for several years. More bench players might be added later.

Power Rankings Report

UMD sits in the #2 spot, remaining unbeaten. Boston College, with a 1-0-0 record, sits atop the rankings. It’s my opinion that they should not have been at the top when they sat on their dainty little behinds while the ‘Dogs were out there kicking some Fighting Irish ass, but for some reason, INCH likes to kiss up to Hockey East.

Other WCHA teams in the top 20:

North Dakota breathes down our neck at #3, but I think that’s totally ridiculous. They tied Mankato State! Remember, I already laughed at them once. I’ll do it again: HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Wisconsin’s directly below them at #4. The top 6 spots have remained unchanged.

Speaking of the top 6, #6 is Colorado College, with good ol’ Marty Sertich leading the pack. It helps to be a Sertich when you’re playing hockey.

Minnesota drops one to the ten-spot, and if you think about it, they’re lucky to have only dropped one! They lost to the Seawolves, for crying out loud!

Denver stays put at #15, as a loss to Boston College isn’t real too shameful. A 1-2-0 record is a bit more shameful.

SCSU jumps on the board at #20. INCH is impressed with the numbers their goalies have put up this season, but I think it’s a little premature to get excited.

2 wins this weekend puts UAA on the bubble. Yeah! Go Underwolves!

In other exciting news, Evan “Seven Points” Schwabe is the WCHA player of the week! Stew predicted it, and it came true. The other players of the week are both from the Seawolves. Way to go, guys! Their goalie shut down the Gophers (except the power play) and the rookie of the week was named Most Outstanding Player of the Nye Frontier Classic Tourney (Take THAT, Ryan Potulny!) I would like to see the Seawolves do well. Not as well as UMD, but maybe 2nd in the WCHA?

Get ready for a lot of WCHA-on-WCHA action this weekend!!! Home opener!!!!!

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