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>Happy Birthday to Me!

28 October 2004

>My birthday has come and gone without a post (too busy sleeping, carving pumpkins, and watching the Red Soxxxxx win the World Series), but I’m still awake.

Guess what UMDDogz has promised me for my birthday? BULLDOG HOCKEY!

Right now it looks like RWD will be covering the Wisconsin series at the Kohl Center, and the Denver series at the DECC. We’ll see what happens. Possible interviews to follow. I’ve already written Kerry Rodd (c/o KDAL) to see if I can become a “fan in the stands.” I’m sure we’ll have to attend the 4th period show, too.

This weekend (against Vermont, zzzzzzzzzzzz) UMDDogz will be covering Friday’s game, and I might be, too, but Saturday’s game we’re both working, so you’re S.O.L.

Important news:

WCHA Player of the Week: MARCO PELUSO!

Marco beat out jerk-off Ryan Potulny (#1 on the Hater Report) and poor unfortunate soul Colby Genoway (I don’t know why he’d even be nominated, considering the Saturday game.)

WCHA Action:

Though already covered by UMDDogz, I have a few comments of my own. I can’t believe no one from the Sioux could step up and say “Not in our house!” I mean, that little weasel Potulny got three friggin points! Of course, according to Wally, every goal was a “beauty” and they only called penalties on the Gophers, but no one listens to him anyway. Also, I’m sad that the UAA unbeaten streak has ended, although they are unbeaten in the WCHA (due to no conference games.) Three WCHA teams (UND, UAA, and Tech) were blanked last weekend. That’s tough!

Penalty Leaders:

Jay Rosehill: 10 penalties for 28 minutes

Mike Curry: 8 penalties for 19 minutes

Steve Czech: 8 penalties for 16 minutes

Neil Petruic: 7 penalties for 14 minutes

Steve leaps onto the list after taking a zillion penalties, back to back to back to back to back (ok, maybe not like that), and Marco Peluso evidently abandoned the Penalty Leaders for the Point Leaders. But that’s okay. You should see Mike Vanelli: 3 penalties for 17 minutes! He got a 10 min misconduct on Saturday.

The Hater Report:

1. Ryan Potulny

Games: 5

Goals: 7

Assists: 2

Points: 9

Penalties: 2

Penalty Minutes: 4

Ok, so you had 3 points in one game… but no hat trick? Marco Peluso got a hat trick, and I bet you think you’re better than him. Just like you think you’re better than Grant. And Gretzky.

2. Robbie Earl

Games: 4

Goals: 2

Assists: 5

Points: 7

Penalties: 3

Penalty Minutes: 6

After Friday’s game, I said “Robbie is a cheap player, so he must he hitting far enough behind the play that the refs aren’t noticing. Oh yeah, but they were playing at the Kohl Center tonight, so that probably means he committed about 43498076498 real penalties, but only 2 were so blatant that the zebras would have been actually in trouble for not calling them.” Ditto. Only one point on Saturday? What a hack!


USA Today

1. University of Minnesota-Duluth (26 first place votes!)

3. University of North Dakota (Only 2 first place votes!)

5. University of Wisconsin (I can’t believe it, but they got 1 first place vote!)

6. University of Minnesota

8. Colorado College

11. University of Denver


1. Minnesota-Duluth (31 first place votes!)

4. North Dakota (3 first place votes)

5. Wisconsin (1 vote, bleah)

6. Minnesota

8. Colorado College

10/11. Denver (tied with Miami)

UAA received votes. Yeah!



3. Wisconsin

4. North Dakota

6. Colorado College

8. Minnesota

11. Denver

UAA is still on the bubble. Yeah Underwolves!

I have to be at work in 8 hours, so I’d better go. Here’s to another unbeaten weekend!

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