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>I CAN’T STAND IT!!!!!!!!!!!

15 January 2005


This crap has to stop. What’s the problem?

Is it coaching? Is it leadership? Is it talent? Did Lucien Jr., and Beau carry this team that much last year?

Let’s look at some stats.

Last year our overall record was 28-13-4. This year, we are 8-11-4, so to repeat that, we’d have to win out the season. We won’t. Duh. That’s not pessimism, that’s just a fact.

Right now, we’re at 69 goals, 116 assists, for 185 points. Our opponents have 69 goals, 114 assists, for 183 points. But for shots on goal, our goalies have 675 to the opponents’ 803. We are absolutely killing our opponents in SOG, but we can’t get the puck in the net. Opponents have a save percentage of .914 to our .898.

Last year, we ended up with 185 goals, 311 assists, for 496 points, to our opponents’ 123/199/322. Instead of being tied in the goals category, we were 62 goals ahead of our opponents. BUT, Isaac/Josh faced only 1311 shots for a save percentage of .906, while our opponents faced 1474 with a save % .874. Because we put the puck in the freaking net. All right?

Penalties. We’re at 209 penalties with 451 PIM, the average penalty being 2.15 minutes. Last year we were at 382/808, with the average penalty being 2.11 minutes. Since we’re at the halfway mark, that makes us headed for 418 penalties and 902 PIM. I know that we’ve got this new officiating mandate, and it is often actually followed, so I’m going to let that go for now. Our opponents have had 212 penalties for 467 minutes and a 2.2 min avg. (projected numbers 424 penalties, 934 PIM), vs. last year’s totals of 383/828 (2.16 min avg.). So we should have 6 more power plays than our opponents. Hm. But I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see stats on how long our power plays LAST.

Special Teams. I don’t even want to go there, but I have to. We’re 23/150 on the power play this year (.153), and 126/152 (.829) on the PK. LY we were 59/228 on the PP (.259) and 198/233 on the PK (.850). We are TEN PERCENT WORSE on the power play, and about 2% worse on the PK. TEN PERCENT is UNACCEPTABLE. Although, as I alluded to before, a lot of our PPs were short-lived.

*********Here’s what I don’t get AT ALL. In the conference, Ev and Marco are #1 and #2 on PP points. WHAT THE F$%&? How can we be #1 and #2 in points but 5th in the league in PP????????????***********

League Stats. Just going to run the table here on the team stats. This Year/Last Year. Then I am going to puke.

Scoring Offense 6/2

Scoring Defense 6/3

Penalty Minutes 3/5

Power Play 5/1

Penalty Kill 5/3

Combined Special Teams 5/1

Special Teams Net 6/1

Scoring 6/2

Goals Allowed T7/3

Goaltending. I love Isaac (despite the horse face) and Josh is really coming through for us this year (and is much more attractive than last year), but I’m going to do some comparison anyway. Conf. Rank

Save % GAA Win% %Time GAA S% W%

Isaac (TY) .893 3.05 .393 61.8 12 14 11

Josh (TY) .912 2.62 .500 37.6 10 8 10

Isaac (LY) .909 2.64 .694 83.1 5 2 2

Josh (LY) .915 2.39 .556 16.5 – – – (Min. 33.3% time not met)

Yeah they were better last year, but not by that much. When their GAA is 3.05/2.62 and we’re only scoring 3 GPG vs. last year’s 4.1 GPG (with opponents at 3 GPG vs. 2.73 GPG last year) what can they do? I also think that there isn’t a real leader on the defense (Sorry, Petey, you just won’t cut it for me) and so Isaac and Josh are being hung out to dry. When you lose an All-American, you’ve got a big hole to fill. And Jay might be a giant, but he isn’t Beau. I think the goaltending has been solid, absolutely solid. Josh is really impressing me. Isaac maybe has had a few games where he’s had some difficulty, but I still have faith in him.


There’s no leadership. There’s no goals being scored. There’s no specialty teams. That means no trophies. No flowers. No flashbulbs. No wine. They’re haunted by something I have just defined.

Let’s salvage the season by making it to the Final Five! Yeaahehaehahafasjk!

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  1. 15 January 2005 8:53 pm

    >Whoa Baby. I haven’t made that long of a post in a long ass time.


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