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>Guess Who’s Back?

18 January 2005

>The ‘Dogs are back!

Oh, I’m so excited! I mean, yeah, we’re going to play Colorado College next weekend, but they really struggled against North Dakota, only winning by one goal, only scoring 3 on the weekend. And yeah we don’t score many goals and our goalies aren’t as good as Philippe Lamoreaux. But after the 5-1 win on Saturday (I’ll forget about the 5-2 loss Friday night), I think the ‘Dogs remembered who they were. Maybe a giant cloud that looks like Junior Lessard came to them in a vision in the sky and told them, “Remember who you are.” Like in the Lion King. But how long will they remember? That’s the key.

The Saturday night game was sort of bizarre, with C.J. Beaurline getting injured after Smitty knocked Reeder right into him, and a UW-Superior style brawl at the end (although our Rosehill did not get kicked out!) However, I would like to point out, that in the box score, not a single Bulldog had a -, they were all E or +1. And did you know that we went 3 for 8 on the POWER PLAY???????? And we had a shorthander???????? And Evan Schwabe scored twice???????? And even Bryan McGregor kicked some major ass? And Evan Schwabe took someone to the ice? Little Evan Schwabe! Who would have thought? And Hooton thought he was tough, but wouldn’t go toe-to-toe with Jay Rosehill, who is ready to fight, no matter what.

Oh yeah, that brawl? Here’s the penalty list:

STC-8 Konrad Reeder (2-Roughing)

STC-9 Konrad Reeder (2-Roughing)

STC-10 Aaron Brocklehurst (2-Roughing)

STC-11 Aaron Brocklehurst (2-Roughing)

STC-12 Josh Singer (2-Roughing)

STC-13 Josh Singer (2-Roughing)

STC-14 Casey Borer (2-Roughing)

STC-15 Casey Borer (2-Roughing)

STC-16 Aaron Brocklehurst (10-Misconduct)

MND-13 Tim Hambly (2-Roughing)

MND-14 Tim Hambly (2-Roughing)

MND-15 Marco Peluso (2-Roughing)

MND-16 Marco Peluso (2-Roughing)

MND-17 Bryan McGregor (2-Roughing)

MND-18 Bryan McGregor (2-Roughing)

MND-19 Evan Schwabe (2-Roughing)

MND-20 Evan Schwabe (2-Roughing)

MND-21 Marco Peluso (10-Misconduct)

All of those came at 18:51. Oh Marco, you are a hot head. But you’re hot.

Anyway, my good friend dagies from Sioux Sports posted this:

Question about scoring goals:

Can a team get too focused on putting the puck on net and not focused enough about where the puck is going?

Sioux teams historically have outshot opponents but what I’m wondering about is whether players lose the edge to try and make each shot count.

For example, from what I read about games this weekend it appears we had a player with a breakaway who put the biscuit in the goalies bread basket, not the net. Last week I saw Fleming for the gophers with a bit of space and he aimed his shot in the upper corner stick side and guess what, it went in. I realize sometimes you miss the net on a deal like that but I wonder if we’re too focused on just getting the puck at the net. Maybe that’s accounts for the puck not getting by the goaltender. The shooter’s job must be to not only get off a shot, but try and direct that puck where it has a chance to be successful.

Maybe that already happens. I’m just grasping at straws. There has to be a reason why we can put a lot of shots on goalies consistently without scoring the requisite number of goals.

So he got me thinking, and I responded:

I think you may have something here (not just with North Dakota, but with the ‘Dogs as well. I’m going to have to quote you on my site.)

I don’t listen to many of your games, but I am constantly hearing things about how “the puck won’t lie down” or “he fanned on it” or “he just got his stick on it” or any number of things about the ‘Dogs’ offensive, um, struggles.

It’s quality, not quantity. You can shoot the puck at the net all you want and run up the totals, but if you shoot it right at the logo each time, quantum physics says there’s only an infinitesmally small chance that the puck will, rather than reflect, go through the goalie. I hope they aren’t waiting for that.

I’ve been frustrated for awhile about the ‘Dogs’ flurry of shots with little results, but now you’ve got me thinking…

I don’t know. I guess maybe those shot totals aren’t telling the whole story. When they take their time and make a good shot, it goes in. You can’t just shut your eyes and shoot. The Force isn’t with us.

I guess I should make long posts more often, as when I was more committed to this site, we were doing better. And then I stopped posting so much, and we sucked. Then I post the mid-season review, and we rocked (for one game)!

And I’m going to the ‘Dogs-Gophers game on the 29th! Yeah!

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