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>The All-WCHA Hottie Teams!

11 March 2005

>What you’ve been waiting for!!

This year’s hotties cover 9 of the WCHA teams (CC did not have any candidates! They didn’t even bother to look nice or even comb their hair in their photos!)

Coach: Jamie Russell (MTU)

1st Team
F- Evan Schwabe (UMD)
F- Chris Porter (UND)
F- Gabe Gauthier (UD)
D- Zach Blom (UD)
D- Kyle Peto (MSUM)
G- Kyle Nixon (MSUM)

2nd Team
F- AJ Degenhardt (UW)
F- Colin Murphy (MTU)
F- Charlie Kronschnabel (UAA)
D- Aaron Brocklehurst** (SCSU)
D- Ryan McMullan (UAA)
G- Cam Ellsworth (MTU)

3rd Team
F- Brad Thompson (MSUM)
F- Chris Connor (MTU)
F- Justin Bourne (UAA)
D- no one hot enough
D- Alex Goligoski (UMN)
G- Jake Brandt (UND)

F- Merit Waldrop (UAA)
F- Ryan Dingle (UD)
F- Malcom Gwilliam (MTU)
D- Zach Blom (UD)
D- Aaron Brocklehurst** (SCSU)
G- no freshmen goalies were good looking

*not enough hott defensemen
**only made it for his resemblance to Jim Morrison

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