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>Gather Ye Rosehills While Ye May

27 August 2005

>I remember talking to some of my friends at SiouxSports about the upcoming season, and how our teams will both be young at D. However, I told them, I think Jay Rosehill will be totally killer this season, now that he’s had a year of experience under his belt, and learned not to be such a thug (I hoped.) But he can take that year of experience and stick it where the sun don’t shine, because he’s signed with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Just kidding, I’m totally happy for ya, buddy!

But why you gotta play me like that?

Really, ED is not something the Bulldogs have had to worry about in the past, and when I say ED, I don’t mean something that can be cured by anything Rafael Palmeiro has ever endorsed. (I say it like that because if I said actual drug names, I bet I’d get spammed like mad.) However, with the new class of recruits, I think we might have more folks at risk for ED (Matt Niskanen, I’m looking in your direction…) At least this means we are recruiting good players, which is key to the success of the program. Thought that was a no-brainer? Well… Anyway, Matt is going to help fill the big gaping chasm in defense left by… um… oh yeah our defense kinda sucked a little last year. So he’ll help close off the black hole of suckitude from last season. Let’s not have our goals per game be the same as our opponents’ goals per game! Because when I saw that stat, it did not make me happy.

By the way, when I saw who we were returning at D, I shuddered: Travis Gawryletz (whom I like very much), Ryan Swanson (who is not good), and Steve Czech (who I have threatened to maim on several occasions, usually following turnovers in our defensive zone, which are bad. Very bad. TAKE NOTE, STEVE.)

So, in a very roundabout way, I’m saying

I can’t wait for hockey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and don’t suck at defense this year.

In other news… I’m moving to Las Vegas.

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