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>Where Have You Gone, Mike Curry?

28 January 2006

>Un(?)fortunately, I didn’t get to listen to the game AGAIN nor will I be listening to it to(morrow?) night. However, I do feel like I need to have a little chat with one of our players.

Mike, you’re my buddy, although we’ve never actually met. I feel this connection to you that I only feel to very special players. It was so hot when you got 2 goals in 30 seconds. The earth stood still. UMDDogz even picked up his phone and called me, and if you only knew how rare that was, then maybe you would understand. The world is a better place when you score in it. But there’s a disturbing pattern here.

vs. MSU-M: 0g 0a 0sog
vs. SCSU: 0g 0a 1sog
vs. Michigan Tech: 0g 0a 0sog (DNP Friday)
vs. USA U18: DNP
vs. Cornell: 0g 0a 0sog
vs. Maine: 0g 0a 3sog

I could continue, but I won’t. I think, since we know the reason you sat for a little while, that maybe it’s not clear, but if you do not shoot, you will not score. I know that you do not have to score goals, you can be a playmaker, set them up, but all those zeroes are starting to look like the score sheet from the time in grade school when I asked my dad to chaperone a field trip to a bowling alley and I bowled a 7.
Let’s remember the good times, like when you came over to my house and had sodas and cuddled on the couch. I really enjoyed that, probably as much as you enjoyed whatever you did in Alaska. I want to see you turn your game around. My buddy TheBizzle over at The Penalty Box agrees. Anyone else, I might have given up on, but not you. You know I could never have the heart to put you in the Humane Society of the WCHA (although I haven’t even had the energy to put anyone in there), but any relationship requires some give and take. I can’t listen to the game tomorrow night, and I know that always makes the team feel neglected, but I’ve gotta make a buck. Imagine how I would feel if I came home from a hard day in the dog-eat-dog world of retail and saw you scored another game-winning goal. Or a goal. Or had an assist. Or a good game.

Where have you gone, Mike Curry? The Bulldog Nation turns its lonely eyes to you. Woo woo woo.

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  1. 29 January 2006 3:17 am

    >Curry? Come on. The problem is Sandelin. Coash has to go. He’s 25 game sbwlow .500 after (not quite) six years. Never won the conference. Going backwards, not forward. Eithr he can’t recurit or scout or he can’t coach, which is it? Get a new coach before this devolves into another sad Sertich situation. Either get in and win a national championship for once in 40 years or drop to Div. III and play the Yellowjackets across the bay. And I’m a Dogs fan. I just can’t tale another decade of losing.

  2. 30 January 2006 6:39 am

    >Dude, did you also post on the Penalty Box?Also, no one is blaming Curry. I just love him.

  3. 17 October 2010 2:49 am

    >I know this is oldddddd, but I had the opportunity to play Pee Wee hockey with Mike in Watertown, Ny. We played for the Watertown Cyclones, 1993-1995. He was wicked good back then, and i'm sure he has only gotten better. If my childhood friend scored 2 goals in less than 30 seconds, than that only furthers the fact that he's a badass player. Mike, wherever you are now. Keep up the good work bro! Last I heard he was in Reading which is also awesome bc it's only 1 1/2 hours from my house.

  4. 17 October 2010 5:21 am

    >That's awesome to hear, James! He did, in fact, score two goals in fewer than 30 seconds against Michigan Tech his freshman year. I haven't had any recent news but if you do, please let me know!


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