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2 March 2006


I want to spend lots and lots of money eating and drinking in Duluth now!

For the final game of the season, I’ll be at the John screaming my lungs out for the ‘Dogs. Last year I nearly flipped over the railing. I know Mike Curry’s going to get a hatty for me.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but due to personal tragedies (besides the only one conference win in 2006, I mean), I haven’t felt very funny lately.

*This was going to be a very short post, but then I went to the stats page and saw 2 new people were linking to me:

Goon, who posts over at siouxsports as well. I take no responsibility for any of his opinions, but the man certainly does have strong ones. I’m jealous of his dog.

This guy, whose name I don’t know yet, is much better at this blogging crap than I am. I especially liked the post when he was blacklisted from USCHO.

Thanks guys, and once again, when the Alleged Webmaster makes me a site that I can be proud of, I’ll be linking to you.

A funny story: while I was waiting for my flight to Denver last Friday, I saw a girl in the waiting area wearing a Fighting Sioux windbreaker. She ended up in the seat directly in front of me, so I asked if she was going to the games. She said yes, I told her I was a Sioux fan, but that my #1 team was the Bulldogs. She said something and turned back around, but then she asked me, “I don’t want to sound like a huge dork, but do you post on” I said yes, and she said “I think I know who you are.” It’s a small world after all.

The last weekend of the regular season’s coming up, and I know I shouldn’t expect anything but a shut-out loss on Friday and a 1 or 2 goal loss on Saturday (extrapolating from recent events), but I really want to see something good happen. The city of Duluth just gave the Bulldogs a gift: tangible, measurable support. Guys, the people of Duluth love you enough to pay a little extra when they eat out. Love them back with a win or two.

Finally, I just wanted to say goodbye to someone I loved, who loved hockey.

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