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>News From the Frontlines

11 March 2006

>RWD ace reporter (and father) DA reports:

“News from Colorado, UMD wins!!! Even the lackluster Steve Czech gives the dogs reason to smile with several big hits during the game, but it was the rookies who came through. Well at least we get three games and who knows. It would be great to see the Dogs at the Excel.”

Well said. In addition, RWD favorite MIKE CURRY gets on the scoreboard after a long (long long long long long) absence, feeding a brilliant pass to Andrew Carroll for Carroll’s 2nd goal of the night. Carroll went on to assist on MacGregor Sharp’s OT goal that lifted the Bulldogs above the Denver Pioneers. CLEARLY my strategies worked! I am Rocky Mountain High on Life right now.

Unfortunately, I have to work this evening (again), so I’ll be missing the game. Lucky for me, I got to listen to half of last night’s game, and lordy lord, it was a breath of fresh mountain air. Everyone’s talking about the ‘Dogs!

I’m already late to work, so the jubilant recap will have to wait. Hopefully, I’ll be even MORE jubilant tonight!

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