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>Paint By Numbers

13 March 2006

>As you are all aware, the inspiration for Runninwiththedogs came from Bat-Girl!, who is all about “less stats, more sass.” Well, Bat-Girl is an Author. Runninwiththedogs is an Engineer-To-Be. I enjoy a little number munching.

So, let’s discuss what everyone’s been talking about. As Curious George put it, “The team we played this weekend I didn’t recognize from the regular season.” (Pates, Kevin. “UMD Advances to Final Five,” Duluth News Tribune, Mar. 13, 2006.) What happened? Are we really a totally different team? Let’s compare. (I should note that I started this article BEFORE I knew what point I’d be making.)

In the second half of the season, we played 14 conference games and 3 conference playoff games (which are considered non-conference games, statistically speaking.) I will refer to the conference games as RS and the playoff games as PO, from here on out. Blue text indicates a stat improved on in the play-offs, green text indicates a stat that was stayed the same, red text indicates a stat where the team did worse in the play-offs.

RS: 1-13-0, shut out 4 times
PO: 2-1-0, shut out 0 times

Goals For
RS: 22, for 1.57 GPG
PO: 10, for 3.33 GPG

Goals Against
RS: 65, for 4.64 GPG
PO: 7, for 2.33 GPG

Goaltending (empty net shots/goals are excluded)
RS: Overall, 61 goals on 362 shots, 4.36 GAA, .831 save%; Reichmuth, 49 goals on 280 shots, 4.45 GAA, .825 save%; Johnson, 7 goals on 25 shots, 7 GAA, .720 save%; Ziegelmann, 5 goals on 57 shots, 2.5 GAA, .912 save%
PO: Overall, 7 goals on 87 shots, 2.33 GAA, .920 save%; Ziegelmann, same.

Opponent Goaltending (empty net shots/goals are excluded)
RS: 22 goals on 381 shots, 1.57 GAA, .942 save%
PO: 9 goals on 66 shots, 3 GAA, .864 save%

Specialty Teams
RS: Power Play 9-for-68 (13.24%), Penalty Kill 60-for-77 (77.92%), 2 SHA
PO: Power Play 4-for-14 (28.57%), Penalty Kill 11-for-14 (78.57%)

RS: 113 penalties (8.07 penalties/game) for 304 minutes (21.17 minutes/game)
PO: 22 penalties (7.33 penalties/game) for 74 minutes (24.67 minutes/game)

Opponent Penalties
RS: 105 penalties (7.5 penalties/game) for 256 minutes (18.29 minutes/game)
PO: 19 penalties (6.33 penalties/game) for 38 minutes (12.67 minutes/game)

(RS; PO. Players who kept it up or stepped it up during the playoffs are in orange, players who did not perform as well are in pink. Players who did not register a point in either the play-offs or regular season are not listed.)
MacGregor Sharp, 3-4-7; 1-0-1 (despite his OT GWG, he was ejected from the Sunday game for a CFB.)
Nick Kemp, 4-2-6; 0-2-2
Andrew Carroll, 3-3-6; 3-1-4
Tim Stapleton, 3-3-6; 1-3-4
Josh Meyers, 1-4-5; 1-1-2
Mason Raymond, 3-2-5; 0-1-1 (I love Mason, but he should have been on the scoresheet more. He still played well.)
Michael Gergen, 2-2-4; 2-0-2
Matt McKnight, 2-2-4; 0-1-1 (Ditto what I said for Mason Raymond.)
Steve Czech, 0-3-3; 0-1-1
Matt Greer, 2-0-0; 0-1-1
Justin Williams, 0-2-2; 0-3-3
Ryan Swanson, 0-2-2; 0-0-0 (Swanson NOT playing is a good thing.)
Jason Garrison, 1-1-2; 2-0-0
Matt Niskanen, 0-2-2; 0-3-3
Jay Cascalenda, 0-1-1; 0-0-0
Jeff McFarland, 0-1-1; 0-0-0
Isaac Reichmuth, 0-1-1; 0-0-0 (I would have loved to see Isaac play, but I loved seeing us win more.)
Mike Curry, 0-0-0; 0-1-1

Judging from the amount of blue and orange text (Go Illini!), I’d say we’re looking at a brand new hockey team this play-off season. Is it a fluke? No. It’s the team we were destined to be.

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