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>Miss 10,000

7 September 2006

>Welcome, Unique Hits! Thank you for being here, or for being here several times, or for accidentally coming here once thinking you’d find naked pictures of some hockey player!

Rolling over to 10,000 on the counter was like when Mr. Zippy rolled over his odometer to 100,000… cool for a second, and then I got my eyes back on the road before I hit something.

So get your foot on the clutch, people, because we’re switching into high gear. Forget that boring stats-counter thing, it’s not important nor is it even impressive. What is important here is that we’ve passed a real milestone: less than a month to go until Bulldog hockey. FOUR WEEKS.
We’ve been holding on so long, comrades. Suffering through the heat of summer, watching baseball and desperately hoping for a nice hard check into the dugout, perhaps a power play or two in NASCAR (I do not, nor will I ever watch that non-sport. It’s not a sport, people. If it were a sport, I might as well move in with La P, listen to Panic! at the Disco, and become a Gopher fan, because life ain’t worth living. But I know some college hockey fans are also crazy hicks who like that sort of thing, so I thought I’d give them a shout out), or a nice diving save on a Tiger Woods putt.
But, I think we’re going to make it. We’re nearing the end of the third period, up by two, the other team’s got their goalie pulled, and the fans are on their feet, cheering (clearly we aren’t talking about Gopher fans here, who are on their feet leaving.)

I also updated the links section*. Now featuring The College Hockey News Blog, Clarkson Hockey Fans, Hockey In Wisconsin, and MGoBlog. I would advise you against checking out MGoBlog all that often in the next few weeks, if you hate college football. I would also advise you against checking out The Ciskie Blog, for the same reason. However, once college hockey starts, don’t avoid them anymore.

I should warn you all that, since the season is barreling down on us like a freight train, Gramps told me, “I have to get back on the site, and check out those other links. I have to see if they’re any good.” So, be forewarned: get out your thinking cap and write some darn good posts, because you wouldn’t want Gramps to think you’re no good.

Edit: I’m really, really lame. Here I am, babbling on about milestones, and I totally forgot… 2 September was the RWD 2 year Dogiversary. Two years of this crap? My how time flies. And what was the first post about? Waiting for the season to start. (Everybody now! All my life’s a circle, sunrise and sundown…) So, everyone, it’s been great. Most of the time. Maybe we haven’t had the best ride the past few years, but these are the Bulldogs I’ve been talking about these past two years. We have to take everything with a grain of salt, a wing (preferrably one who can score on the power play), and a prayer. As for the future of this site, I hope to keep on rockin’. That’s about it.

*Have you linked to me, and I haven’t linked back? Do you know of a site you think I’d like, that I might also want to share with the rest of the People’s Republic of RWD? That comment link is there for a reason. Use it. I’ll probably use the link. I have fairly low standards. I mean, look at some of the sketchy bums I’m already linking to.

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  1. 8 September 2006 4:26 pm

    >Congrats on two years. I’m pretty sure you’re the longest running college hockey blog out there. Keep up the good work.You’re right that 99% of the stuff on MGoBlog is non-hockey stuff, but the 1% that is hockey is good enough that it’s worth having the link.

  2. 9 September 2006 1:58 am

    >Mine and Michigan College Hockey have been around essentially the same amount of time. And theirs is way better.I would normally trust your opinion on a blog, but I hear you’re a huge Michigan homer… :^)But of course, I read it for myself.


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