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>Gopher Hockey Preview

2 October 2006

>What the????

I know, I know, but I’m desperate here.

And I’m referring to the FSN North TV special, not an actual Gopher Preview.

EJ much hotter than PK.
Ryan Potulny barely mentioned.
Holy Cross mentioned several times, including to Lucia.
TJ Oshie shown (!) scoring on Kellen Briggs. (TJ and Toews were touted as the next Sertich-Sterling duo.)
Woog selects Bulldogs to be in the top 5 in the conference.
The analysts think the Gophers will be playing “Wisconsin-style” hockey (which is an insult to Gophers and their fans, not that Wisconsin sucks or anything* but to be labeled Wisconsin-style anything isn’t good.)

“WCHA Preview” discussed UND, UMTC, and UW. With a passing mention to Denver losing Matt Carle, who wasn’t even called by name. Yeah, that’s a great preview.
Holy Cross was mentioned more times than UMD. They even forgot to mention UMD when they were reading off the Oct/Nov schedule.
LaP was on the show.
The show was not Bulldog Hockey Preview.
The show existed at all.

*Of course, it’s always better to be dead than red.

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  1. 5 October 2006 5:54 pm

    >Where can I get a Holy Cross hockey jersey? I can’t find those things anywhere.

  2. 6 October 2006 12:07 am

    >I thought they would be more readily available now, but I guess not?Mine is a gameworn from the NCAA Regional Semifinal and I know those aren’t available anymore.


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