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14 October 2006

>I’m sleepy, so I’m not going to write up a whole recap. I’m majorly pissed that I’m having some sort of internet issue, and was unable to listen to the game. UMDDogz and DA totally sold me down the river, I couldn’t listen at either of their homes.

Before you offer me internet advice (which I would LOVE), let me give you a few facts:
1: I can play other radio stations with warpradio, no problem.
2: The stupid commercial plays, and then when it’s done, it goes silent.
3: I am, to use the parlance of our times, “receiving packets,” but there is no sound.
4: The volume is all the way up.

This is not your ordinary problem. But if you can help, please do. Or I might die. Of spontaneous combustion.

UMD tied UML tonight, 3-3. Number of Even-Strength Goals: 0. Number of Power Play goals: 3 UMD, 1 UML. Number of Shorthanded goals: 0 UMD, 2 UML.

In the “My Guys” Competition, Matt Niskanen gets a quick 2 points, with 1 goal and 1 assist. Everyone else has a goose egg so far.

In the Freshmen Competition (which is the same as the My Guys Competition, except for all freshmen), the leader is currently Alex Stalock, with 1 assist. Seriously. The goalie is the leader in the Freshmen Competition. That’s pretty freaking sweet.

In non-Bulldog news, Hotter Than Hott Hottie Darcy Zajac scored the winning goal in OT for the Fighting Sioux.

More tomorrow.

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