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>Focusing On The Positives

6 November 2006

>…because that’s what we do here. We’re here to help, not hinder.

I can’t say enough about Bryan McGregor. I am love, love, loving him this year. If he kept it up and had a monster Junior Lessard year, I wouldn’t be opposed in the least. (We had a moment of reflection at my table at Senser’s last night, as we all loved Junior. Who doesn’t love Junior?) It seemed like McGregor was on the ice about 57 of the 65 minutes of the game, and he was crashing the net about half that time. My new friend, a Sioux fan who happens to be dating a prominent member of the media and a huge Gopher fan (a match made in heaven, no doubt), was very excited about Bryan as well. “Number 42! That’s the guy who was denied last night!” she yelled. (On the shorthanded goal/too many men penalty ghetto debacle, she meant. Since he scored later, of course.) So, clearly, everyone is noticing Mr. McGregor.

So we lost. Got swept. Whatevs. We played hard, we didn’t get embarrassed. No blow-outs. I don’t know how much of the Gopher fan talk was just homer b.s. and how much was what they really believed, but they seemed to think the ‘Dogs should just forfeit because we would be lucky to score, lucky to get away 10-0, etc. etc. Well, what really happened is, they were lucky to win. The ‘Dogs could have just as easily won, if not for a few pipes, some horse-[feces] officiating, and a Gopher captain willing to win at any cost, if you know what I’m saying.

So, moving right along…

Points Until We Surpass Last Year’s Total: 23
Wins Until We Surpass Last Year’s Total: 10

My “Guys” Competition:
Matt Niskanen: 10
Michael Gergen: 4
Jason Garrison: 2
Matt McKnight: 2
Mike Curry: 0 (Tech is up next, so you know what that means… Mike’s gonna bring his guns to town.)

Freshmen Competition:
Fulton: 6
Akins: 1
Stalock: 1
others: 0

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  1. 6 November 2006 3:21 am

    >McGregor’s goal was easily the prettiest of the weekend…Yes, better than Gordon’s deflection of Barriball’s point blast. The many Brandy Manhattans consumed at RWD Deer Camp in Canyon, MN helped dull the pain of the sweep…but also fueled the anger at the lack of decisiveness and accuracy on the part of Adam’s crew. The TV announcers on WDIO TV in Duluth (before the series began) actually said Adam was one of the better officials in the league! Maybe that was because…on several occasions in the past, it has been the Gophers who were hosed by Adam’s BS. This weekend he gave them a sweep.

  2. 6 November 2006 3:26 am

    >Perhaps you would like to return to your posting glory on this site, and bring your total article count to… 2?Then instead of “One-Time Poster UMDDogz” you could be referred to as “Infrequent Poster UMDDogz.”Also, Smoggy was asking why you don’t post at SiouxSports anymore.

  3. 6 November 2006 3:39 am

    >A Bryan MacGregor moment that you missed … I would have emailed you but your address is no where to be found on this (adjective) blog:Certainly you’re aware that Bryan was interviewed between periods by oversized-jacket LaP. The words exchanged were pretty run of the mill stuff for such interviews and then it came …LaP, “Thanks Bryan for taking the time to talk with us…”Bryan, “No problem, man”Later that evening there’s zero (adjective)doubt Bryan got a phone call from his Mom.Bryan’s Mom, “Um … Bryan dear … no problem man? … that’s what you say on TV? no problem man? Bryan Bryan Bryan … sigh”

  4. 6 November 2006 2:01 pm

    >Tell Mike Curry to BRING IT this weekend!! >=(Oh, btw… you should come up for the series. I got a place for you to stay. =PAnd yes, I know we’ve gone over this before (at least twice?) and you shot me down. But dammit, I’m persistant.


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