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>Falling Down On The Job

10 November 2006

>Well, in my haste to make my new The Gauntlet feature fabulous, I’ve forgotten one of the other regular features on this here site, and that’s the weekly preview. Because, you know, I want my obligatory link from That Really Successful Blog, written by the Blogger Hottie of the Year 2006.

This weekend we’re going to Michigan Tech. That means a lot of things:
1. This is a must-win series.
2. We need to start scoring more than 2 goals a game.
3. Mike Curry will rock your face off.
4. Games start at 6:00 PM RST (Runninwiththedogs Standard Time)
5. MEg will drink Ciskie under the table.
6. Bonus hockey on Wednesday, with the Turn Back The Clock series against NMU.

We’ve had a tough few weeks, but we’ve played some tough teams. This is a chance for us to see what we’re made of against a team that hasn’t actually won one of the last 5 national championships (whee!) It’s time to throw some points on the board, ‘Dogs, and get on a roll.

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