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>And Out Of The Darkness, There Came A Light

16 November 2006

>RWD Favorite, Team Captain, and All-Around Awesome Person Matt McKnight is not going to be out for the whole season, as was feared before.

So, I meant to write this a long time ago… like, a few hours ago, but then I went to a movie, and I missed the showing I wanted to go to, and so I found myself leaving the theater and getting into traffic… um yeah. I’m just glad it was a 6:35 start. (Evidently, they don’t do the :37 start.)

We need to win tonight. We WILL win tonight, because though it is not my birthday, it is the birthday of the RWD West Coast Correspondent, who is also the Real Life Mother of RWD and an A-Number-One Bulldog Fan Extraordinaire. Real Life Mother of RWD (from here on known as RLMORWD, which is a great vanity plate idea) has been a Bulldogs fan for many years now, and would really appreciate a Bulldog win. RLMORWD enjoys going to ‘Dogs games, starting from her college years, sitting behind the penalty box enraging opposing players, up to recent years, sitting in the folding chairs pounding her feet on the wooden risers and making an embarrassing amount of noise. So please, get a win for her, because then I can call it a present.

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