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22 November 2006

>Hockey post coming soon, I promise. There will be no Gauntlet this week, as there’s no one in St. Cloud that I think would appreciate/participate in such an interview. But it IS Thanksgiving on Thursday, and I have to work at the crack of dawn on Friday, so I’d better put something out.

RWD is thankful for
Bulldog hockey. Year in and year out. Win or lose.
Sammy’s pizza.
Holy Cross.
Arena rock, especially Journey. Don’t stop believin’!
Discovering tUMD Penalty Box and the hilarious guys/gals I’ve met.
My blogging friends: The Angriest Man in Alaska, Blogger Hottie 2006, MEg, Miss Mavs, DG, Goon, BB, Brad.
The Bruce Ciskie is a hack thread at USCHO.
The Alleged Webmaster and all the RWD correspondents.
The Final Five.
The Miracle On Ice.
The truce between RWD and PCM.
The All-Hottie Team. Yum.
Free booze! Always!

RWD is less thankful for
Budweiser/Coors Light. Rough going the day after the Final Five.
Most of last season.
Blogger. Why so many problems?
Doug Woog. Love him, but I just couldn’t put him on the first list.

RWD will never be thankful for
Phil Kessel.
The Star Tribune.
Whatever/Whoever injured Matt McKnight.
State Legislators. WE WANT AN ARENA!
The “Gopher Rule” at the Final Five.
Opposing fans who say things to your back, but never to your face.
Pink hockey jerseys/caps/t-shirts.

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  1. 22 November 2006 6:13 am

    >What’s up with the “he-man” club comments on the WCH blog? Can’t the guy tell you’re a CHICK by your profile pic? It’s “she-ra” club dammit:)Love your list of things you’ll never be thankful for! You’re with my friend, who says “um, REAL fans don’t wear pink team crap”. I did rally for your boys with the ex-Champ and his dad (both UMD alumni) and told them to donate money towards a new stadium…no such luck though. I feel bad because the DECC is horrible. I was shocked when I went there last year. I expected it to be like our arena.Speaking of that…are you coming to Kato for the game in mid-December?

  2. 22 November 2006 6:40 pm

    >Ummm… potentially. But mid-December is a very busy time for me, and I don’t know what I’ll be working then.

  3. 22 November 2006 6:45 pm

    >Love your blog and your quick wit.Happy Thanksgiving!Puck Swami

  4. 22 November 2006 7:50 pm

    >RWD: No Gauntlet this week? Nono, you can’t do that. I’m telling you… SKEETERMAN. THAT is who you’re going to want to do your Gauntlet on. He’s AWESOME! He’ll be better than FHG, dg, and my Gauntlets all put together.Great entry btw.Get to work on this week’s Gauntlet though! =)

  5. 23 November 2006 1:03 am

    >You shouldnt be thankful for ANY american beer, its a pale ale in comparison to that richly brewed hops north of the border. If you get a chance try a sleeman or for names sake a Canadian!

  6. 23 November 2006 6:51 am

    >Stafford, dude… you need to kick your blog into high gear. I just commented on it.

  7. 23 November 2006 8:07 pm

    >I am thankful for a lot of what you put on your list. HC, lol, I suppose most of us enjoyed that one, and it is the gift that just keeps on giving. I am thankful for my wife, Dakota, Really bad golf, Miller Lite and hunting too.I love reading your blog.

  8. 24 November 2006 9:31 am

    >Goon,I am thankful for non-hockey things (my cat, Baseball Writers Association Voters, Jack Daniel’s, my car’s impeccable good health), but since I posted as a response to the USCHO thread (linking to here on there), I only included hockey-related things.And don’t let my crazy Canuck friend find out you’re thankful for Miller Lite…RWD

  9. 24 November 2006 4:18 pm

    >Hey we all know its truly about the beer, or if you are like many of the penalty box bretheren they have a preference for a nice little shooter called the Three wisemen. They tell me its very palatable,…… like dogshit to newspaper. But hey they drank them when I offered them up. But then again if my american cousins will drink their own beer I guess they will drink anything!

  10. 24 November 2006 7:47 pm

    >I drink Lynchburg, Tennessee’s finest.For beer, I like anything “red.”And tPB WILL drink anything.

  11. 24 November 2006 9:04 pm

    >Stafford, I am the resident beer snob at the RWD headquaters. I prefer a English pale ale, a Irish stout or one layered on the other.

  12. 28 November 2006 1:04 am

    >Jack Daniels is good, makes a good drink with coke and ice. I am also very thankful for hockey and hunting seasons.


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