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6 December 2006

Shown is the actual keg tap members of tPB will be using to “Tap the Rockies” in February. (Scale: 1/4″ = 1 mi.)

Are you a Bulldogs fan?
Are you a fan of a Bulldogs fan?
Um… I guess… Are you a Denver fan?

Well, folks, prepare for the Random Convergence of Bulldogs Fans 2007! The RCBF07 will be held in Denver, Colorado this year, when the Denver Pioneers host our UMD Bulldogs, 2 and 3 February.

What is the RCBF?
is not an away game/road trip people have been toying with for months.
brings together Bulldogs fans who don’t really know each other all that well, but happened to decide to go on the same trip, independently of one another.
is the reason why Waldo is hiding.
is not a special game, a rivalry, or a bandwagon event.
does not need to occur during a winning streak or winning season.
is a prime example of the mysterious ways of the universe.
can and will rock your face off.

What will occur at the RCBF?
Activities include
extreme Bulldog hockey.
Coors Brewery “Short Tours.”
a Tyler Arnason beat down.
heavy metal skiing at the legendary Mary Jane.
more boozing than Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s wedding reception.
your face. Being rocked off.

Please. You know you want to be there. Bring it.

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  1. 6 December 2006 4:31 pm

    >Gee me and Momma Booster are new to all of this, I guess you could call us roadtrip virgins, will there be someone there to walk us through it?

  2. 6 December 2006 9:44 pm

    >I wouldn’t call you guys roadtrip virgins, since every game you go to is a heck of a roadtrip, but I’m sure Chris will hold your hand every step of the way, if needed.He has good info on hotels, if you haven’t gotten one already.

  3. 6 December 2006 11:12 pm

    >Hey I know what that is, haven’t used one in a while but I definately tapped a few kegs in my college days. So are you doing keg stands RWD?

  4. 7 December 2006 3:24 am

    >RWD is a rock star at keg stands. Especially when they are done AFTER the Hour of Power. I’m small, so it’s easy to hold me up.

  5. 8 December 2006 4:48 am

    >”Coors Brewery Short Tour” …. but its american beer eh?!

  6. 8 December 2006 6:30 am

    >It is American beer, but it is free beer.According to DHG, the “short tour” means you essentially skip to the end and have your drinks.

  7. 8 December 2006 6:42 am

    >But it’s still coors ewwwwwww


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