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>Charity Cases

10 December 2006

>RWD is a bit under the weather today, so I’m not in the mood to post.

But Bemidji is not a charity case. We do not need to give any wins away. WE are becoming a charity case ourselves. Hey! We scored 5 goals! But they scored 6. At least we didn’t lose the 3rd period… instead we lost the 2nd. GENERALLY when you chase your opponent’s goalie in the first period, you’re supposed to have them on the ropes. Obvs. we struggled on D after losing Growler, but… yeah. Sigh.

Two things that sucked that weren’t the Dogs’ fault: their power play goals. We took one penalty for one too many tosses of the teddy bears. Not the Dogs’ fault AT ALL. Then we took a phantom trip penalty, which was just a bad call. The other penalties, the ones we EARNED, were all killed off. Nice.

How are we going to manage Mankato? Bruce never answered my question. The world may never know. Beat the crap out of them, I say.

Good thing: Mike Curry was on the freaking starting line tonight. And the Player Profile with Jeff McFarland was great.

Points Until We Surpass Last Year’s Total: 20 (non conference)
Wins Until We Surpass Last Year’s Total: 9

My “Guys” Competition:
Matt Niskanen: 17 (Holy Offense, Batman!)
Mike Curry: 8
Michael Gergen: 8
Jason Garrison: 2
Matt McKnight: 2

Freshmen Competition:
Akins: 7 (leapfrogging over Fulton!)
Fulton: 6
Detroit Wheels: 3
Gorsalitz: 2
Stalock: 2
Palm: 1
C. Ryan: 0

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  1. 11 December 2006 2:00 am

    >What do you mean “beat the crap out of them”?!?!? Don’t be bringing your bully, stuffed animal ways to our arena:)This weekend will be a good match up. If we play the way we have been playing the past 2 weekends (ok..maybe minus last night’s game) the Dogs better be worried!


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