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>This Is How We Do It

6 January 2007

>To steal from Montell Jordan, it’s Friday night and I feel all right.

BECAUSE WE WON! WE FREAKIN’ WON! (Ow! My freakin’ ears!) Tip up your cup and throw your hands up! I’m kinda buzzed and it’s all because (this is how we do it) the Bulldogs do it like nobody does!

I listened to just under half the game, when B-Mac scored the shorthanded goal to put us on top. Then I had to go to work (it’s inventory time, so there were all these sketchy ex-cons with scanners running around) and forgot my cell phone at home. So, DA and UMDDogz were furiously texting me with updates, and I was none the wiser, trying to get my stuff done so I could call and find out the score. And here, there was tension, and drama, with a tie game, pipes being hit, saves being made, and OVERTIME! High stress situations that I was blissfully unaware of. It was great to see us play good D and to see Josh Johnson play well in goal. I am going to assume that was the case, considering the 2-1 outcome of the game. Superb, excellent, awesome! I’m thrilled.

Points Until We Surpass Last Year’s Total: 18 (GLORY HALLELUJAH!)
Wins Until We Surpass Last Year’s Total: 8 (CAN I GET ANOTHER HALLELUJAH????!!!!!)

My “Guys” Competition:
Matt Niskanen: 21! (Brilliant! Game winning OT goal and SH assist!)
Mike Curry: 10 (But by all accounts played one heckuva game!)
Michael Gergen: 9
Matt McKnight: 3
Jason Garrison: 2

Freshmen Competition:
Akins: 9
Fulton: 7! (Assist on OT goal!)
Stalock: 3
Gorsalitz: 2
Palm: 1
C. Ryan: 1

2 Comments leave one →
  1. 6 January 2007 7:23 pm

    >Nice win. All of UAA thanks UMD.

  2. 8 January 2007 12:53 am

    >Nice win. All of MTU doesn’t thank UMD.


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