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>The Gauntlet: Stealth Edition

9 January 2007

>RWD recently (like 2 hours ago) caught up with elusive CC Blogger, “CC Hockey.” He seems to be VERY interested in keeping his identity a secret. Even I don’t know who he is. All these covert ops would seem to suggest that “CC Hockey” is actually Marty Sertich. Or Peter Sejna. Or Superman. Who knows?

RWD: CC Hockey is a lame nickname. Let’s change that now. What should I call you?

CCH: I dunno, don’t you abbreviate anyways? How about CCH? Or CCM, it could be like CC Man, or CCM the hockey brand.

RWD: Or CiCi.

CCH: Well, whatever you want. That sounds a little feminine though.

RWD: I know. CCH is fine. So, I’m good fake-internet-friends with DGGoddard from LetsGoDU, and he may have given me some misconceptions about CC.

CCH: Yes, well, I’m here to help.

RWD: First, what do you think of that hack, DG, anyway?

CCH: His blog is always a good read, and I’m not exactly sure on the timeline but I think you could consider him a “pioneer” (pun intended) of college hockey blogs. It’s a shame that he has to root for a team full of such thugs and misfits, but everyone makes mistakes. Nevertheless I always get a kick of out reading his site.

RWD: Actually the oldest college hockey blog I know of is mine. [BY A YEAR OVER THAT HACK! CCH is on my list of People To Kill now.]

CCH: Well, you’re a pioneer too.

RWD: You’re damn right I am! [Kow-tow to the master, baby.]

CCH: What I meant was that it seemed to me he was among the first people to get it going. DU had a blog long before a lot of other schools, especially considering their relatively small fan base in comparison to some of the other WCHA schools. I may be completely wrong about that, I don’t really know.

RWD: I think he’s done much more than I have though. However, we are not here to build up his over-inflated ego, but rather to cut him down to size. Is it true that DU fans hate CC, but CC fans are indifferent?

CCH: Not at all. I think DU’s championship seasons increased the hatred that CC fans have for the Pios. If you’ve ever attended a DU/CC game at the World Arena, you’ll know this is true. I remember when CC clinched the McNaughton two years ago at home, DU coaches were getting pelted with drinks from the CC student section as they walked off. Another good example was the DU/CC game earlier this year. Before the game Bill Sweatt and Rhett Rakhshani were recognized for their Team USA stuff, and once the fans realized that one of the guys getting an award was from Denver, the announcer was drowned out by a chorus of boos. And a very distinct “[fornicate] you” from the student section as Rhett skated out to get the award.

RWD: I don’t like Rhett.

CCH: Me neither.

RWD: He is a diver like Robbie Earl.

CCH: I hadn’t really noticed, but it sounds like he’ll fit in great at DU. Speaking of Robbie Earl, I remember in what I believe was the championship game last year, when he scored a goal right after getting up from a spectacular dive. Unbelievably, the clip ended up on Sportscenter. These guys never show college hockey, and they choose to show a clip of that [you don’t even want to know] flopping around? What an embarrassment.

RWD: I know. He sucks. Are CC fans smarter than DU fans?

CCH: Absolutely. Just check out the SAT scores. They’re louder, too. Although I should say one thing about that. Every now and then during CC/DU games the CC students will try to break out the “safety school” chant, which I think is just completely classless. It’s gotta stop. I’ve never liked that cheer. [CCH just committed the cardinal sin of showing weakness in front of the enemy.]

RWD: But would you say it’s accurate?

CCH: Accurate maybe, I dunno.

RWD: There was another rumor that CC hasn’t won a championship since 1957.

CCH: Yes, well, that’s unconfirmed but I’m looking into it.

RWD: That’s 50 years, if my Illinois math is correct.

CCH: Not until April.

RWD: That’s a long time. Do you think the dry spell will end any time soon?

CCH: It’s possible. A lot of those 50 years were years when CC was not a contender at all, but the program has definitely been right up at the top for the last 10+ years. No one really expected anything from the Tigers this season and they’re doing great, but a championship would really surprise me. Next year could be a very big year for CC, although the goaltending could end up being an issue. We’ll definitely have the firepower, though.

RWD: Do you have a goalie recruit coming in?

CCH: Yes: Richard Bachman, who should be a great goalie. He was drafted 120th in the last NHL draft and first overall in the USHL draft. The question will be whether or not to give our current sophomore goalie, Drew O’Connell, some time in net this year and try to groom him to be the starter next season. I was a big advocate of this earlier in the year, but now that CC is contending and Matt Zaba is playing well, it’d be tough to take him out.

RWD: This weekend would be a good time to experiment. Bring on O’Connell!

CCH: Zaba’s on a roll right now, so I wouldn’t expect it, but Scott Owens does like to throw curveballs every now and then when it comes to the goalies, so you could end up getting your wish.

RWD: Oh yes, Scott Owens. That brings me to another rumor. Aren’t he and Ron Jeremy long lost twins?

CCH: Well, the word is he’s going mustacheless these days, so that rumor is in doubt. But in all seriousness, I hope so. It’d be great to see Ron at some games.

RWD: If by great, you mean gross.

CCH: He might be able to help out some of the visiting DU fans who I hear are often “inadequate”. [I love this man.]

RWD: OHHHHHH! BURN!!!!! I LOVE IT! How do you feel about the season so far?

CCH: So far so good. I think the near-consensus pick on the USCHO board’s preseason predictions was that CC would finish 7th in the WCHA, and now we’re sitting fairly pretty at 4th. The team has really surprised so far, and the sweep of DU was unexpected. The best part is that we’ve got a ton of young talent to build on for next season. The freshman class is really loaded, and we’re also seeing breakout seasons from some of the juniors this year. The one disappointing thing, that is usually a CC strength, is the out of conference games. Last year out of conference games pretty much got CC into the tournament, this year they could very well keep us out.

RWD: They were mysteriously absent from the Final Five.

CCH: That was definitely a disappointment, especially after Brett Sterling came back from injury in game two of that series to save the season. I guess we just got derailed by The Bobby.

RWD: And what is your preference: Sertich or Sterling? Or do you swing both ways?

CCH: Well obviously Sterling’s got the scorer’s touch. I think that he may end up having the better professional career. At the same time, I think Sertich was more fun to watch just because of all the dazzling moves. I guess you could say I swing both ways on this question, but if I had to add one of them to CC’s roster I’d take Sertich. By the way, I know this was true a few days ago, dunno if it still is, but Brett Sterling is leading the AHL in goals so far this season. [I think he’s Marty Sertich. Notice he chooses himself over his mortal enemy.]

RWD: I’m laughing really hard at your bolded response.

CCH: I thought you’d like that.

RWD: It’s so much easier when I don’t have to work so hard for this to be funny.

CCH: Well I know I’m under pressure to perform.

RWD: Ron Jeremy to the rescue!

CCH: Ronny J, saving the day!

RWD: On your blog, I always notice you seem pretty serious, and then *ZING* out of nowhere there’s something hilarious.

CCH: I try to balance the two, or sometimes just sneak a little joke into some serious analysis. There’s really no rhyme or reason to it.

RWD: So you are somewhere between Western College Hockey (all facts, no fluff) and Me (completely divergent from reality).

CCH: Something like that. In that respect you could say I’m more like Lets Go DU [I almost exploded. CC fan admitting to having something in common with a DU fan!], although that blog is definitely funnier than mine. We do both enjoy giving North Dakota fans grief. Or North Dakota State, that is.

RWD: Were you at the Final Five?

CCH: Nope, but how could I miss all the whining about that gaffe? What are season ticket prices like to UMD games? [Who said this guy could ask a question?]

RWD: They are like $400.

CCH: Season tickets to CC are like in the thousands, but for students you can get a booklet for 100 bucks

RWD: Holy buckets! In the THOUSANDS?

CCH: Yeah, people spend a fortune on those things. Although it depends where you sit obviously. I’m not 100% sure on the prices but it’s high. I talked to a professor once who said his tickets were like $1500 I believe.

RWD: Cripes. I hope with those prices I would get to sit in the lap of a player or something. Who are your favorite CC players? Current and all time?

CCH: When it comes to all-time I think I’d have to go with Marty Sertich. Cop out, I know, since he’s so recent [You mean, since he’s YOU!], but he was really a thrill to watch. And I haven’t been following CC long enough to know all the greats. Swanson was great back in the 90’s and Sejna a few years back. We tend to have good luck with players whose last name starts with the letter “S”. On a related note, Bill Sweatt is definitely one of my favorites currently – he’s got unbelievable speed. I couldn’t really choose a favorite on the current team just because it’s so balanced. Jimmy Kilpatrick, Scott McCulloch, Lee Sweatt, these guys are all a blast to watch. [Yeah. Jimmy “Spearing” Kilpatrick is a thrill a minute.]

RWD: Who is the hottest CC Tiger?

CCH: As a guy, you know I can’t answer that. You need some more females to get some more exciting answers to that question. [SOMEONE NEEDS TO STEP UP AND JUST SAY ANOTHER MAN IS ATTRACTIVE.]

RWD: Isn’t there a Mrs. CCH you could use as a lifeline?

CCH: Mrs? God no. There’s a lady friend but she’s unavailable at the moment.

RWD: Wow, you are the first non-UMD fan to have a love interest.

CCH: I guess college hockey fans just have lonely, lonely lives. Especially if they’re DU fans.

RWD: There is definitely no Mrs. DG.

CCH: No surprise there. Hey, I’m about to make $100 [on the BCS bowl].

RWD: Sweet. Don’t spend it all on [disreputable women] and [illegal drugs in powder form].

CCH: That’s what I was planning on. That and beer at CC games.


CCH: Of course. You can’t elsewhere?

RWD: NO! WHY THE [something] AM I GOING TO DENVER? [You suck, DU! Serve me booze to win back my love!]

CCH: We can actually get hard liquor too… not to rub it in or anything… I didn’t realize other schools are so strict. That must be why Magness Arena sounds like the United States Senate.

RWD: Now it all makes sense?

CCH: Yeah, I’m understanding now. The NCAA should really look at that – it definitely adds to the atmosphere, although I’m sure it also adds to DUI arrests on the way home from games.

RWD: No kidding. What are we going to see from Les Tigres this weekend?

CCH: I’m not sure. I never really know what to expect with the UMD series. CC badly needs these games to keep themselves at the top of the WCHA, so I’m sure they’ll be playing hard. At the same time, I don’t think we’ve swept a series since Denver… and that includes a series against Bemidji State. [Let’s not bring up Bemidji State.] So I wouldn’t be surprised if UMD did well either. If CC plays to their ability though I think they’ll take at least one, and hopefully both.

RWD: You say “At the top,” I say “In the middle.”

CCH: Well by top I mean top half – home ice territory. [Again, he’s backpedaling! I’ve got him on the ropes!]

RWD: We just came off a sweep.

CCH: Well, hopefully the Dogs have a letdown then.

RWD: No, no one is hoping that. Can I have a weekend prediction from you?

CCH: Weekend prediction eh… Let’s see I’ll go Friday night CC wins 4-3, Saturday night UMD wins 5-2. That’s pretty conservative I think. I always like to avoid picking sweeps or ties. I feel like those people predicting ties on USCHO are just trying to say, “Hey, I know hockey much better than you and I’ve got a feeling about this one….”

RWD: There are also folks who always pick a sweep (DG).

CCH: I think every DU fan pretty much picks a DU sweep on a weekly basis. People pick against CC a lot, no one seems to have faith in our boys.

RWD: I think people say 3 points not because they think there’ll be a tie, but because they aren’t gutsy enough to say sweep. Same with 1 point… it’s like, we hope we get something. Like, the Jeopardy home version.

CCH: Maybe. I think people who pick ties are just trying to be nonconformists.

RWD: You should come to Denver when the Dogs play DU. I will loan you a jersey.

CCH: Well, normally I’d be happy to go to a game, but since it’s at DU, I think I might have more fun going to the library or going out to dinner with my grandparents.

Well… there you have it. Marty Sejnaman, everybody.

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  1. 9 January 2007 10:55 pm

    >Good job trying to expose CC’s weaknesses.BTW I clicked on the “view full size” below your pic and you are just 3 inches tall ! Well – waist up anyway …… WHA ??

  2. 9 January 2007 11:28 pm

    >My legs are extremely long.

  3. 10 January 2007 3:51 am

    >Nice interview. I didn’t know you can drink there. I may trump Denver next year for CC! Not being able to drink at a hockey game seems weird.

  4. 11 January 2007 5:25 pm

    >DU has beer & liquor for sale at Magness Arena. Nice sandbagging interview by the CC Blogger. 🙂

  5. 11 January 2007 7:19 pm

    >Sweet, I will be wasted then.

  6. 17 January 2007 6:18 am

    >O’Douls doesn’t count, DG.


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