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26 January 2007

>I know, it was pretty pathetic of me to cop out last night and only post the Numbers. I know you were all dying to hear about my trip to Duluth to see my beloved Bulldogs, and all I gave you was some simple math. You probably thought, Come on, a chimpanzee could have posted that. But come on, people. You know that chimpanzees are too busy posting on this site to bother with a RWD update.

Do you all remember the scene in Wayne’s World where they try to go backstage at Alice Cooper and end up outside talking to Chris Farley about Frankie Sharp’s talent search? Chris Farley says (with hand gestures to show an imaginary U.S. map) “Next stop is St. Louis, then he’s going to come back through Chicago on his way to Detroit.” If you don’t remember that, you haven’t watched one of the GREATEST MOVIES EVER enough times. But anyway, that was sort of how our trip started out. RWD World Headquarters is located in Plymouth (western suburb). Navigational Guru/Duluth Refugee Kleiner lives in a northeastern suburb about 25 miles away. After I swung by to get NG/DR Kleiner (and oohed and aahed over the very cute, very sweet Babykleiner), we were ready to head out. Or so we thought…

As we were leaving the Kleiner Compound, I received an emergency phone call from former Gauntlet Victim/Closet Bulldog Fan Fire Helmet Guy, needing us to rescue him from the ghettos of the northwest suburbs. So Kleiner and I strapped on our bulletproof vests, loaded our AK-47s, and sped across town. After a near-death experience involving a jerk in an Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme on 694, we made it. Kleiner provided cover fire while FHG sprinted to my car from a nearby bombed-out building. Fortunately, he has lots of practice from the DECC to Sports Garden run.

After a stopover in the far northern suburbs to pick up our tickets from an Anonymous Donor, and then another stop to feed my hungry car, we were finally on our way. FINALLY.

But! The important part isn’t the journey, it’s the destination. We rolled into Duluth in time to booze it at the Curling Club with some members of tPB. We drank Canadian beer in honor of our Crazy Canuck. Yuck. I think I’ll stick to my Leinie’s Red from now on.

However, if not for Canadians, we would not have won the game. Biggie Mac scored 2 goals (including a sweet power play goal set up by 2 other Canadians) and Mason Raymond had an empty net goal. Jordan Fulton scored just for FHG, as if he was saying “Okposo who?”

Mike Curry was sadly absent from the scoreboard, but he did get in some guy’s face and also told Derek Shepherd what he thought of some call or another. It’s really entertaining to see all the little things he does to get under an opponent’s skin.

The goals per game average has gone up, since tDogs failed to get the required 7 goals last night. Now they have to score 8 1/2 goals each night in Denver. Totally possible!

All right, that’s enough. RWD out.

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  1. 26 January 2007 6:29 am

    >I love the Cutlass Supreme. I hope it was the 2 door and not the 4 door.

  2. 27 January 2007 11:44 pm

    >Liene Red, that is enough to give a guy a head ache.

  3. 27 January 2007 11:49 pm

    >Fortunately, I am not a guy!I generally drink Killian’s… my newest fave is Mesabi Red. IN CASE ANYONE IS BUYING.

  4. 5 February 2007 4:45 pm

    >How dare you call my fire station a “bombed out bunker”! 🙂

  5. 7 February 2007 11:53 pm

    >Because it was funny!How dare you take so long to comment!


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