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>Mr. McGregor’s Garden

24 February 2007

>With pitchfork in hand, Bryan McGregor certainly kicked some butt tonight, getting 2 of the 3 Bulldog goals. Would I have loved it if McGregor had found his scoring touch, oh, say, two seasons ago? Or even last season? Yes. But it isn’t too late for Mr. McGregor to lead the charge over the Peter Rabbits of this world. I’m ready for Bryan to pull a Buster Stapleton and lead us to a Final Five.

Time for the stick salute tomorrow night, boyos.

Points Until We Surpass Last Year’s Total: DONE!
Wins Until We Surpass Last Year’s Total: DONE!

My “Guys” Competition:
Matt Niskanen: 29!
Michael Gergen: 15 (Missed a breakaway, booo!)
Mike Curry: 13 (Great chances!)
Matt McKnight: 7
Jason Garrison: 2

Freshmen Competition:
Akins: 10
Fulton: 8
Stalock: 4
Gorsalitz: 2 (Gives new meaning to the term “Crash the Net”)
Palm: 1
C. Ryan: 1

(Dear freshmen, get your butts in gear and score.)

On Notice:
Nick Kemp: GD 11 PD 6
Mike Curry: GD 13
Drew Akins: GD 14 PD 4
Trent Palm: GD 21 PD 21
Ryan Geris: GD 31 PD 4
Travis Gawryletz: GD 32
Matt McKnight: GD 9 PD 4
Matt Greer: GD 9 PD 9
Jeff McFarland: GD 8 PD 8
Jay Cascalenda: GD 8 PD 8
Michael Gergen: GD 6
Matt Niskanen: GD 6
Jordan Fulton: GD 6 PD 6
Mason Raymond: GD 4
Josh Meyers: GD 4

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