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>I Love The Internet

24 July 2007

>One of the great things about having my Rhino-Lining Hits counter (since the counter doesn’t make sense anymore, since Rhino Lining evidently doesn’t sponsor the bone-crushing hits tDogs dish out anymore) is seeing how people get to this lovely site. Most of the time, they’re coming here from SiouxSports or USCHO or one of the other blogs, or for searching for something like “Bulldog Hockey” or “Runnin’ with the Dogs.” You know, things that make sense.

And then… well, RWD is a crossroads for many, many different searches on the internet that have nothing to do with hockey, or something to do with hockey, or something strange to do with hockey. Here are some examples:

crazy canucks gorsalitz
robbie earl handsome
jordan parise hot
pictures of hothead naked ice borer
mike curry baseball
russ romaniuk game worn jerseys
jason garrisoncute
matt niskanen engineer
jason garrisonsexy
drew stafford shirtless
ryan berry shirtless photos
jonathan toews beer bong
josh meyers dimples
matt mcknight’s cfl history
travis gawryletz do girls like him?
travis gawryletz hot or not

anthony lapanta hair
stearns county syndrome
glen sonmor punch fan bench pic
troy jutting facebook

What the???
liquor dont drink because it isnt heatly
words puzzle the wild dingo

i didn’t even know where west

double leather sole mukluks

jack daniel golfing caps

fosters home for imaginary friends big fat awesome house party

david james elliott blog
john mitchell sonmor
david james elliott shirtless photos
picture of a egg getting sucked into a bottle
capeway bulldogs, ma
if i’m the only one i’ll shut up
guffers animals pictures
carly ward sammy’s wood fired pizza
kyle lohse gay
computer screeens for dogs
hooray huzzah etymology
hillion box dog

Are you scratching your head in confusion yet? There are some weird people out there.


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  1. 24 July 2007 10:25 pm

    >Jack Daniels Golf Caps sweet.I toured that factory and that place rules. Awesome wiskey.

  2. 25 July 2007 3:57 am

    >I think I need to get that tracking thingie to figure out how people get to my blog!!I tried to think of the most odd things to type into google to get to your blog and haven’t found a winner yet:( I wanted something that would really make you say “what the HELL?!?” 🙂

  3. 25 July 2007 11:26 pm

    >All you have to do is get your blog linked up with a site meter and it tells you where people come from. I have the one from Goggle Stats counter.


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