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>Across the Rink

30 September 2007

>I’m watching hockey right now. Regular season hockey. (And wow, Parros has quite the mustache. He looks like an extra from Almost Famous.) It’s kind of annoying that it has to be the hated Ducks, but it’s still hockey. I wonder if my dear friends from the dormant Nottingham Pandas site have managed to get tickets to the sold out games in London. I also wonder if maybe they have quit enjoying hockey and gone back to football, or Footballers Wives.

The Bulldogs still have just under two weeks to go until their season gets started, and let me tell you, I am SICK AND TIRED of hearing people saying they are SO EXCITED for NEXT weekend. Screw you all.

I have been networking quite a bit lately. In addition to the WIB from a few weeks ago, I had a conversations with Duluth radio hick Bruce Ciskie, and rage-filled blogger Donald Dunlop. Bruce thinks tDogs are going to be awesome this year and finish much higher than expected because everyone else is going to suck more than expected. Donald thinks soccer is awesome and baseball is all about people scratching themselves out of boredom. As you can see, some discussions were more valuable than others.

There are things I’m going to write about in the next few weeks, but information is pretty limited and I’ll have to wait until the season really gets underway before this blog really kicks into high gear. Relatively speaking.


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  1. 30 September 2007 9:38 pm

    >Yeah, forget those punks that get to see their teams play live in the month of October!!Boy oh boy….crazy night last night…in reference to a conversation we had when I saw you at work. Up close and personal with some of my favorites:)

  2. 1 October 2007 12:40 am

    >Whoa Whoa Whoa Rage filled? I was not rage filled at 6 oclock in the morning when you texted me. I wasn’t rage filled when I called you immediately after you texted me again and accused me of not be able to judge “crazy”. I am now rage filled though. But that’s only because there is a baseball game on TV between two teams with a collective loss total of 147 playing their meaningless 182nd game of the season and it’s clear their Lotrimin crotch rot prescriptions have run out.

  3. 1 October 2007 4:18 am

    >I’m going to have to agree with Donald on the crotch itch out of boredom. It is pretty boring and they do it a lot. We even have a girl we polat against in league we call stud because she itches and looks at her muscles all the time.


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