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12 October 2007

>Yeah, I’m ready.

Never mind that I am sitting here practically on my deathbed with bronchitis. I am freaking ready.

I haven’t adjusted that ticker in months, and now it’s reading zero days. ZERO DAYS.

I have some notes for tomorrow night:

ONE, Mike Curry is not playing due to a “violation of team rules.” This is distressing, naturally, but like I told Bruce, he would be Mike Curry if he wasn’t violating a rule or two now and then.

TWO, those of us unlucky enough to miss seeing this game in person will be able to watch the game over the internet on the B2 Network. I should be compensated for this advertisement. Due to the amazing timing of my illness, I will now be able to watch the game.

THREE, there is a hilarious picture of the seniors on the UMD hockey page. I love it, and would like a larger size of it to tack up on my ceiling above my bed.

FOUR, Jake Hendrickson, a prolific centerman out of Burnsville High School, committed to tDogs for 2009.

FIVE, DHG of tPenalty Box is looking for a columnist to write a weekly pregame article for his site. Great hockey minds with a knack for humor are encouraged to apply.


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