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>The Leg Bone’s Connected To The… Uh-Oh

6 November 2007

>Bonjour, mes camarades! Sorry I’ve been gone so long. No, I wasn’t out hunting deer, I was just busy, and now I’m horribly sick, and it was a bye week, so it’s not like anyone was checking the site for updates. LGM did come visit me at work, which was excellent.

But! Bad things have happened! Well, one bad thing. One Very Bad Thing: freshman defenceman/Jedi Master Evan “Obi-wan” Oberg was injured in practice. Read the article. He dislocated his fibula, tore ankle tendons, and fractured his tibia. See the anatomical diagram below (note, Evan injured his left leg, and this is a picture of the bones of the right leg. But I assure you, they’re the same. Except his are jacked up.)

[I took out the photo that used to be here because I was getting way too many hits on the site because of it.]

Anyway, this is highly uncool, as tDogs have had such a strong defence (with the exception of the Friday Denver game) due in large part to Oberg’s mastery of the force.

RWD posting this weekend will be light, as I will be attending an in-depth Bulldog Fandom Symposium with the RWD staff and affiliates. I probably won’t get around to updating My Guys and recapping the games until Sunday or possibly even Monday. The BONUS is that I will be IN DULUTH Thursday-Sunday for some MOST EXCELLENT good times. And a ‘Dogs sweep of Michigan Tech.

Here’s to going 4-0-0 in the next two weeks! W00t!
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  1. 7 November 2007 12:19 am

    >Sorry I didn’t reply earlier – having some e-mail issues with that address.If I were a penalty, I’d be “too many men on the ice”. It’s usually a coaching mistake, and is almost always served by a fourth liner. That’s me – over-coaching and getting others to serve time for my errors. 🙂

  2. 7 November 2007 6:46 am

    >Welcome back….as usual you are always missed when you’re not sharing your most intimate Billdog thoughts.

  3. 7 November 2007 6:48 am

    >Err…..BULLDOG. Typing on a phone has not been good to me.


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