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>Get Up, Stand Up

10 March 2008

>tUMD 1, Matt McKnight Maimers 4
tUMD 3, Stalock Punchers 2

Saturday night… that is how you get up for the Gophers, boys. All is forgiven for our series at the DECC. Well, I would have liked a win there, preferrably when I was there, but I WAS SO HAPPY THAT WE WON LAST NIGHT!!! I mean, really, my heart was racing the whole time and my legs were shaking. And I was screaming obscenities and raining curses down upon the Gophers at any chance, and I was sitting on the glass so I KNOW THEY HEARD ME.

Bickel is dead in my book. DO NOT HURT MATT MCKNIGHT. Gordon is a punk who got OWNED by Drew Akins. MIKE CURRY SCORED A GOAL while I was wearing his game-worn jersey.

Also, we scored THREE GOALS in one game, and had TWO POWER PLAY GOALS this weekend. W000000000000t. I’m so proud of you guys!!! I couldn’t even post last night because I was too jittery and thrilled.

MEg and I are having a slumber party right now, so I have to go. Good night to all! Bring on Denver!!!

The Numbers
My Guys:
MacGregor Sharp: 17
Matt McKnight: 15 (Probably would have gotten a hat trick on Saturday if Bickel hadn’t viciously attacked him!)
Michael Gergen: 13! (The goal drought finally ends!!)
Mike Curry: 5! (I’m sure he could hear me screaming from the other end of the rink!)

Justin Fontaine: 12!
Kyle Schmidt: 8 (Played like a man possessed! Awesome job!)
Cody Danberg: 7!
Rob Bordson: 5!
Evan Oberg: 3
Chad Huttel: 2
Mike Montgomery: 1

On Notice: (Back despite zero demand!)
Evan Oberg
Jay Cascalenda
Matt Greer
Josh Meyers
Jordan Fulton
Alex Stalock

Goals Only
Matt McKnight
Kyle Schmidt
Trent Palm
Rob Bordson
Nick Kemp
Andrew Carroll
Travis Gawryletz
Justin Fontaine

4 Comments leave one →
  1. 10 March 2008 4:44 pm

    >I heard Mariucci is sending you a bill on the crack you put in the glass from pounding on it so much. 🙂 I swear I could hear you screaming from my seats over in Section 16! FHG

  2. 10 March 2008 10:48 pm

    >Hee, how did you know that was me?I’m sure you did hear me yelling, as I was the only one, unless we scored, and then everyone chanted “Junior College.”I was going to stop by between the second and third, but I didn’t want to go up the stairs again.

  3. 11 March 2008 12:08 am

    >I think Curry scored that goal just for you!

  4. 11 March 2008 3:36 am

    >Ryan Flynn is cool, hopefully you didn’t yell obscenities at him


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