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2 October 2008


Gather round, me hearties, as I tell ye a bone-chilling tale of the Great White North, home to some of the most dangerous creatures known to man. The trampling caribou, the abominable snowman, the ice road trucker, and the ancient beast the natives call loup de tonnerre, or the thunder wolf. The canis tonitrus lives on the icy northern shores of Gitcheegumee and feasts on the carcasses of small rodents, such as the gopher.

Our mighty Bulldogs have met these creatures in battle before, and well met, indeed. The blood of our enemies was mixed into the paint of the visitors’s locker room in the DECC, and their bodies piled onto a ship, lit afire, and shoved off into the sea. Ahem, lake.

Okay. All crazy hermit tales aside, Dirty wrote about the Sioux and the Bisons and their tendency to have overage goons, but for reals, the Thunderwolves have a player who is THIRTY YEARS OLD. I mean, someone who probably drank his first beer before Scott Kishel was even BORN. I do hear that UND is looking at recruiting him for the Class of 2010.

The Superior Showdown starts early this year, boys. Let’s do this.
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