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>Giving Thanks

27 November 2008


I’m a pretty big fan of Thanksgiving, because I like eating, and also because I am a descendant of participants in the first Thanksgiving. I also have a lot to be thankful for, most of which is not interesting to anyone here. (We are all going to pretend I sometimes write interesting things.) Let me instead take the time to thank my Bulldogs.

First of all, to the entire team: thanks for coming to UMD. I’m glad that you guys are putting on the jersey and I have so much fun writing about you guys. Thanks for making the Sioux fans siouxicidal last weekend. Also, thanks for not being giant jerks to me like Kurt Davis was to Let’sGoMavs!!!

Jack Connolly: Eee! My favorite goes first. Thanks for picking your hometown school! And for all the great plays you make, those nifty touch passes and the dispsy-doodle (TM Bruce Ciskie) moves you make around clueless defenders.

Mike Connolly: Thanks for humiliating the goalie from Western Michigan with that totally sick goal, and for all those smooth moves with the puck. I can’t wait to see you tear up this league.

David Grun: Thanks for stepping in against Wisconsin and playing like you belonged, and thanks for almost scoring a goal on practically your first shift (how awesome would it have been if you had??? But it was still great to see you hustle!)

Brady Hjelle: Thanks for picking up the team when they needed it in Denver, and making some saves that made the Pioneers look like Peewees. I know you’re pushing Al to be his best.

Scott Kishel: Thanks for all the hard work you do; I know you wouldn’t crack the lineup without it. Thanks for choosing tUMD, like all good Range kids should. Thanks in advance for the awesome QBing you’ll be doing on the PP.

Brady Lamb: Thanks for stepping up and being a force on the blueline, and playing like you’ve always been here. And also, thanks for being so nice to me and Let’s Go Mavs and maybe *almost* making her not hate Stalock. And for promising to make Kurt Davis pay.

Travis Oleksuk: Thanks for being a 2nd generation Bulldog, and for all the hard work you put in. Thanks for stepping up when needed and playing like you belonged, which you do!

Rob Bordson: Thanks for coming back last Saturday and playing like you’d never left the lineup, and for all the great chances you created as well. Also, thanks for being nice to me at the X.

Cody Danberg: Thanks for the spirit and the fire you play with; maybe it wasn’t so smart to take a spearing penalty but I can never really fault a guy who stands up for his teammates. Thanks for being Hunter C.’s favorite, because he really knows who’s who with the Bulldogs.

Justin Fontaine: Thanks for having the breakout year I knew you’d have, because I’m a great hockey mind. Thanks for all those points you’ve racked up for MEg on her fantasy team, since I told her to pick you. Or maybe she picked you on her own, I can’t remember. Thanks for being so humble when I bugged you at Blackwoods even though I ran away before you could even say thanks.

Chad Huttel: Thanks for having a superb game on Saturday night and for continuing to improve your defensive skills. Thanks for developing into a heckofa penalty killer and proving again and again you deserve the ice time.

Mike Montgomery: Thanks for seamlessly transitioning from forward to defence, and for having ZERO PENALTIES on the season! That’s a huge accomplishment for someone still adjusting to the position who also happens to be a big guy.

Evan Oberg: Thanks for exploding offensively, as I knew you would once you healed from your injury, and for not forgetting your defensive responsibilities.

Kenny Reiter: Thanks for pushing Al and Brady in practice, and for showing dedication to the team. So glad you red-shirted and can stick around for an additional season!

Kyle Schmidt: Thanks for taking one for the team right in the face, and then coming right back out the next night and playing your heinie off. Amy B. is devastated that there might have been damage to your face, though.

Drew Akins: Thanks for being the ugly goal guy, which we so desperately needed. Thanks for the power play goals and for being an all-around badassssssssss. And thanks for enjoying my Tougher in Alaska montage!

Jordan Fulton: Thanks for that goal on Saturday night, which I know is going to be the first of MANY for you this year. Thanks for all the skill and versatility you bring to the game!

Trent Palm: Thanks for the great game you had on Saturday night! When DHG is complimenting you, you KNOW it’s a big deal. And thanks for throwing around those hip checks even though you’ve got a “lower body injury.”

Chase Ryan: Thanks for sticking with this team, unlike certain other people with the same last name. Rumor has it you’re a great guy with a great attitude, and I know your time will come.

Alex Stalock: Thank you a million times over for the saves you make and the plays you start. Thanks for being feisty and an agitator, because every team needs one of those guys. Also, thanks for the joke you told FHG at the Final Five last year, although I recommend you are careful what company you’re in when you tell it.

Andrew Carroll: Thanks for staying for all four years. Thanks for being the hardest worker out there and for the leadership you’ve shown through your unprecedented three years wearing a letter; someone who commands so much respect is a true gem and we fans are lucky to have you.

Jay Cascalenda: Thanks for staying for all four years. Thanks for picking up the defensive role when we needed help at the blueline, and for improving your skating and discipline so we can count on you to hold the blue line.

Michael Gergen: Thanks for staying for all four years. Thanks for playing through your injuries and busting your butt whether you’re on the “first” line or the “fourth” line. Thanks for your versatility, and for caring what the fans think (even though you shouldn’t! Except for me because you know you’re my fave.)

Matt Greer: Thanks for staying for all four years. Thanks for being a one-man penalty-killing machine, perhaps the most important role on the team given the changes in officiating. Thanks for being a badassss mofo; you’re the unsung hero of this team.

Nick Kemp: Thanks for staying for all four years. Thanks for all the fire and heart you bring to this team, for being KEMPER THE WRECKER and doing whatever needs to be done: pk, pp, enforcer, scorer, backchecker, grinder, and so on and so on.

Josh Meyers: Thanks for staying for all four years. Thanks for your shot from the point and the wicked fast passes you can make. Thanks for crunching the opposition and for being the leader and mentor of the blueliners.

MacGregor Sharp: Thanks for staying for all four years. Thanks for the insane amount of work it sounds like you did this summer, and for that scoring touch you’ve found (which I knew you had in you). Thanks for all the face-off wins and the myriad roles you’ve filled so effortlessly in your time here.

Lastly, thanks readers for reading. The nicest thing about writing RWD (and its insular readership) is that I’m writing almost exclusively for my friends and my family; thanks for the fun comments and the sharp wit and enough of a sense of humor to allow me to poke fun at you sometimes (or repeatedly, if you’re FHG).

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  1. 27 November 2008 4:40 pm

    >Happy Thanksgiving.I don’t know too many Sioux fans that are siouxicidal over a hockey game. Nice play with words though. :)That Kurt Davis sounds like a grade “A” ass–le…

  2. 27 November 2008 8:21 pm

    >I picked Fontaine on my own, for the record. You did tell me to take everyone else from UMD though… especially the Connollys.

  3. 28 November 2008 4:44 pm

    >P.S. Anonymous at 1:36… if you have to explain the joke, it’s not funny. And also, I got it without the explanation.That must be your quick-wittedness. How come you don’t use that wit when you write your propaganda? I bet your a Vikings fan too. What do the Green Bay Packers and the St. Louis Rams have to do with each other? They have both been to less Superbowls than the Vikings but have won more than them. Back to your blog shit. At least Cornell has a Division 1 sports program instead of your bush-league NCC D2 programs. Last time I checked, people at Cornell actually got jobs when they got out of college, and they didn’t include the phrase, “would you like fries with that?” Come up to Anchorage and get a train ran on your ass. Wait, you would like that too much. Better yet, who wouldn’t? We already ran a train on your precious powder-puff team from Duluth, 3 out of 4 points from my recollection. Ahh, the memories. Sucks to lose in front of a half sold out barn to a team you thought you were better than.

  4. 28 November 2008 4:48 pm

    >Lorenzo Music – the voice of Garfield and Carlton the Doorman on Rhoda.Wow. I didn’t know Lorenzo Music went to Da “Luth”. You guys must be so proud.


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