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>RWD Media Guide

1 December 2008

>Can’t figure out who I’m writing about? Here’s a guide to the nicknames.

Arthur Fonzarelli: Justin Fontaine
Bordo: Rob Bordson
Bradylicious: Brady Hjelle
Fonzie: Justin Fontaine
Fuzzy: Mike Connolly
Gergasaurus, Gergzilla, or Gergy: Michael Gergen
Grunner: David Grun
the Hutt: Chad Huttel
Jacky or My Sweet Jacky: Jack Connolly
JCON: Jack Connolly
Kemper the Wrecker: Nick Kemp
MCON: Mike Connolly
MG: Michael Gergen
Monty, Montasaurus: Mike Montgomery
Obi, Obi-Wan or Obi-Wan Kenobi: Evan Oberg
Opie: Brady Hjelle
Peanut Butter Jelly Time: Brady Hjelle
Pre, Prefontaine: Justin Fontaine
Robbio: Rob Bordson
Sexy Brady: Brady Lamb
Schmitty!!!!!!: I certainly hope this one wasn’t hard for you, but Kyle Schmidt
Sharpy, Sharpshooter: MacGregor Sharp

the Sherrif: Andrew Carroll

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