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>I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It

15 December 2008

>You know… because tying is “sister-kissing”…

tUMD 1, “Winners” 1

Woohoo! This was how our drive home started today! But MEg is a true road warrior and navigated us safely through 0 visibility (believe it or not, there were times when it got WORSE than the photo) as we laughed and counted cars in the ditch. Morons. Learn to drive.

I am so lazy, I know, but it’s just been a really long and fun weekend and I also had some internet issues so this post is almost 24 hours after the game ended.

The first loud cheer of the night came in the 3rd period when Howie mentioned the football team’s imminent arrival in the Twin Ports and the subsequent rally. Which, okay, very exciting and happy, I watched the game and laughed at the myriad turnovers, but it was not cool because there should have been something else to cheer about before then. Meaning A GOAL. Or MANY GOALS. Sigh.

Obi got a power play goal soon after that announcement, which was great, and I figured tDogs could hold on, but they did not, and Tech got a PP goal with under 4 minutes to go. Evidently Mike Connolly is not allowed to check more than one person at a time. I said to Bruce “Did he just check three people?” Awesome. And tragic because he got a penalty which resulted in a Tech goal. Deeeeeeepressing. Whatever. Things didn’t happen. Goals were not scored by us. Sadness occurred. But, still a point, and still live Bulldog hockey, which is awesome and fun.

This was the last tUMD game of 2008 and while I totally believe the guys deserve a break to study and rest and get healthy and just chill, I am REALLY GOING TO MISS HOCKEY. Next weekend Tech plays NMU and I’ll probably follow along for some good times and cheer on Tech, but it’s not the same… I want my guys playing!! I’ll be headed to Chicago for the tournament and then I’m not sure when my next game live game will be! Upsetting!

Don’t worry. There will be plenty of content here. I think.

The Numbers
Wins until we equal last season’s total: 4
Points until we equal last season’s total: 8! (Well, at least we still got a point!)

My Guys
MacGregor Sharp: 19
Jack Connolly: 13
Michael Gergen: 7
Rob Bordson: 0

Mike Connolly: 15
Jack Connolly: 13
David Grun: 0
Scott Kishel: 0
Brady Lamb: 0
Travis Oleksuk: 0

On Notice:
Rob Bordson
Andrew Carroll
Jay Cascalenda
Matt Greer
Alex Stalock

Goals Only
Drew Akins
Mike Connolly
Cody Danberg
Michael Gergen
Mike Montgomery
Trent Palm

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  1. 16 December 2008 2:21 pm

    >Glad you both made it home. We decided not to chance it, although you probably started a lot earlier than we could have. Plus we also have a baby girl to worry about.You must have switched seats, I didn’t see you after the first.A win and a tie, I’ll take that any weekend. Actually two wins, thanks to the football team!


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