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16 January 2009

>So, the Hobey Baker fan voting has begun and so have the shenanigans. Well, the presence of not one but THREE tUMD players on the list is not a shenanigan, but of course there is the cursory ballot box stuffing by some random fanbase. (Chay Genoway? Bitch, please.) I know that this voting has an effect so small it’s not an observable phenomenon, like string theory, but let’s pretend that it has some importance. First, get out and vote, people. Now, let’s talk about the people for whom we are voting. I’m not going to discuss why they will or won’t win the award, but rather why they may or may not make it to the second round. Then we can talk specifics.

Justin Fontaine
sophomore forward
Vitals: 11-19-30, 1.36 points/game, 9 power play goals
Undoings: Sophomores rarely win the award unless they are truly dominant in the game, tUMD may end up having a horrendous second half, isn’t enough of a household name.
Saving graces: 5th nationally in points per game, tied for 3/4 nationally in points, 2nd nationally in power play goals, team leader in points on a traditionally low-scoring team. 2/3 in the conference in scoring, 2/3 in power play points, 2nd in power play goals.

Josh Meyers
senior defenceman
Vitals: 6-11-17, .77 points/game, 6 power play goals
Undoings: Not dominant enough among defencemen, probably going to be overshadowed by Fontaine.
Saving graces: Has averaged 1 less penalty minute per game over last year despite the officiating changes (but who crunches those numbers? Only nerds!), 3rd in conference in scoring among defencemen, 2/3 in power play points, 13th overall in scoring.

Alex Stalock
junior goaltender
Vitals: 9-7-6, 2.27 GAA, .920 save%
Undoings: So-so record, not statistically dominant nationally, has had some not-so-stellar performances (WMU, SCSU, UW, DU), non-traditional style of play, Ryan Miller ruining it for goalies.
Saving graces: 2nd nationally in minutes played, will probably end the season with better numbers, Jon Campion not voting.

Come on, tUMD fans! Rock the vote!

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  1. 16 January 2009 10:55 pm

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  2. 16 January 2009 10:58 pm

    >And oh yeah … Black Holes? They actually excrete more mass than they consume.


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