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25 January 2009


tUMD 1 Touchdown, Mankato’s Football Team 2 Safeties

I’m glad I drove up here. This will be a short post because I am watching Katt Williams on Comedy Central and it is entertaining.

I missed much of the 1st period because I was still driving up. Depressingly, I missed my Jacky’s goal (though I heard it on the radio) AND Josh Meyers’s goal (because I was waiting for InebriatedMike in the ticket lobby while he was waiting for me at the back entrance), and I was starting to wonder if I was a curse because we did not score any more goals until Monkey scored.

I feel sorry for Troy Jutting. I mean, not just because he is super uggo and gross, but also because he does not understand what sport he is coaching. That’s really the only explanation for tonight’s play. It was rough for tDogs in the 2nd period because they let Mankato dictate what game was being played, and it was Maverick Football, not Bulldog Hockey.

In the 3rd period, I got a call from one of my friends with 9 minutes to go. He asked about the score and I said “It’s 4-3… we’re losing.” I was pretty crabby. The PK was rough and the PP was hurting a bit from the shorty. Later on I was telling him about the game and he was like “They really scored 4 goals in 9 minutes?” I didn’t even realize it. Wow. Amazing. What’s also amazing is how much food you can get from Taco John’s for $25: 2 sodas, 1 order of chicken quesadillas, 2 hard shell tacos, 3 softshell tacos, 3 orders of Potato Oles, 1 buffalo chicken burrito, 1 side of nacho cheese, 1 side of sour cream, and a side of guacamole. Heavenly. Mom, I’m sure you’re jealous. But the 3rd period was a smorgasbord of scoring: Sherrif Andrew Carroll said “No way are we going to let this herd of cattle run wild on OUR rink,” and tied the game. Then Captain Greer decided he needed to get in on the scoring, assisted by Super Sexy Shirtless Brady Lamb! All three captains scored in the game!!!! That’s awesome. MCON decided he DEFINITELY did not want to be On Notice and got his own goal, and then Jordan Fulton kicked an extra point with 33 seconds to go.

I sat in the student section tonight, and they were AWESOME in the 3rd period. I’ve often stressed that it doesn’t matter WHAT they say, just that they are LOUD and PROUD (like 2 certain Gopher fans I know…). The student section was so rocking tonight that we couldn’t even get chants going in our section because the next section had already started one! And then… many of them left before the end of the game. Screw them. Also, students, there is no reason to drink so much that you vomit on yourself or your friends while in your seat. If you’re going to do that, why even bother attending the game?

I’d like to write more, and I probably will, but it’s 2:17 and I have to be up to drive home in like… 7 hours. And I have tacos to eat, and miles to go before I sleep.

The Numbers (abbreviated until I’m home again)
Wins until we equal last season’s total: 2! (Yay! We’re comin’! We’re comin’!)
Points until we equal last season’s total: 4! (AMAZING!!!)

My Guys
MacGregor Sharp: 26!
Jack Connolly: 20!
Michael Gergen: 11
Rob Bordson: 0

Mike Connolly: 22!
Jack Connolly: 20! (Sorry I missed your goal!)
Scott Kishel: 2
Brady Lamb: 1! (Yay Brady! And your dad was there to see it!)
Travis Oleksuk: 1
David Grun: 0

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  1. 25 January 2009 10:11 pm

    >Thanks for proving to me that RAP is just as difficult to understand in French as it is in English.

  2. 25 January 2009 11:11 pm

    >Ever heard of mute?


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