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21 February 2009


tUMD 4, Enginerds 1

I’m not sure exactly what’s going to happen with this post, but I know there are people that are counting on me to make it. Okay, that’s a lie. No one counts on me for anything, which is smart on all of their parts. Also, I’m posting on MEg’s tiny computer and I’m making all sorts of typing errors which are irritating me. This computer is really small. Just like we are!!! Yeah!!!

Being at Tech has been fun so far, though I haven’t really done anything other than eat. MEg, Booshiepie and I went to Suomi for breakfasty food at lunch time, and then we went to the Ambassador for an early dinner and some drinks and for playing “Don’t Stop Believin'” on the jukebox 3 times. We called for a taxi and then did a shot while we were waiting. Then we went outside to stand on the curb and someone, I’m not sure who other than I know it wasn’t me, said “I want a Dirty Girl Scout.” So we trooped back into the bar and did another shot and then waited another 15 or so minutes for a cab. There are only 8 cab drivers in Houghton. I know this because MEg asked the cabbie.

THE GAME. Right. The thing people care about on this site. If they care about anything at all. GOD DID I MISS HOCKEY. And also, I LOVE ROAD TRIPPING!!!!! Tech scored a power play goal to start things off, which made me even more stressed and nervous. Ugh, PK, seriously. HOWEVER, an interesting little tidbit I noticed: I was talking with one of me secret correspondents last week, and we were discussing the penalty kill and how we wished we had put some offense out there. Somehow, our collective genius travelled on the thoughtwaves of the universe and ended up in Coach Sandelin’s head, because Mike Connolly was out there on the PK later in the game. INTERESTING. I like it. Anyway, Superior native Brett Olson got a PP goal for Tech and I stressed a lot, but then The Fonz was all “Eyyyy, sit on it!” and tied the game.

Then things got interesting. But not in the game. Just other secret goings-on.

The second period went by without any goals, thanks to a non-goal that had Booshie crying into the jersey of the Weirdest Kid Ever, who was sitting next to him. The Bulldogs finally kicked things up a notch thanks to back to back power plays where they finally converted and Sharpy had his first of 2 goals!!! Andrew Carroll got in on the scoring with a shorthanded goal and Sharpy got an empty net goal from quite a distance out! Incredible!!

Tomorrow is going to be off the heezy. For now, we’re discussing the Golden Girls, and I really must go. No Numbers tonight as I don’t have access to my superspecial spreadsheet.

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  1. 21 February 2009 6:22 pm

    >I was counting on MacGregor Sharp to score. I mean in the game. :-DHope you find a better pic of him than the one on the roster. He’ll never make the “Hottie List” with that one.

  2. 21 February 2009 8:56 pm

    >Have fun out there! Go for the sweep! Looking forward to Gopher weekend…we’re going to invade the John!

  3. 24 February 2009 3:22 am

    >Wanna see the pretty pony dance?Just messin’ with ya. đŸ˜€

  4. 24 February 2009 3:35 am



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