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15 March 2009


tUMD 3, Golfers 1

I have to defer my real post until tomorrow, as I am too sleepy to give it the effort my darlings deserve. But the Numbers are so awesome, I’ll post them now!!!

Take THAT, Bulldog haters, negative Nellies, whiners, Sandelin axers, and all-around grumps!

The Numbers
Playoff wins until we equal last season’s total: +2!

My Guys
MacGregor Sharp: 41! (Just contributing to his all-time My Guy record!!!)
Jack Connolly: 27! (Eeeeeeeeee! My Sweet Jacky is gonna go on a tear!!!)
Michael Gergen: 16! (YEAH GERGY!!! WHAT AN AWESOME GOAL!!!)
Rob Bordson: 0

Mike Connolly: 34
Jack Connolly: 27!
Travis Oleksuk: 3! (Have I told you lately that I love you???)
Scott Kishel: 2
Brady Lamb: 1
David Grun: 0

On Notice
Rob Bordson
Jay Cascalenda
Trent Palm
Kyle Schmidt

Goals Only
Drew Akins
Andrew Carroll
Mike Montgomery
Evan Oberg
Alex Stalock

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