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>Final Five Scavenger Hunt!

19 March 2009


As if the Final Five isn’t fun enough, RWD is making it even more fun! In order to assist you in your maximum Final Five enjoyment, I am providing a list of must-sees for you all!

If you are truly insane, you can actually send me your scavenging results. If someone actually does it (other than MEg and me), there may be a prize. Other than the satisfaction of a job well done, I mean.

Here’s the list!

– The Bunny
– Player from a team that is not in the Final Five
– A member of every pep band in attendance
– A couple who are wearing jerseys of rival teams (i.e. UND/UMTC, DU/CC, etc)
– A person with a mohawk (this should be easy!)
– A team’s mascot or another cartoon character (like the Keebler elf)
– The mulleted Sioux fan
– One person wearing a jersey from each of the WCHA teams (I mean several people each wearing different jerseys, not one person wearing several jerseys. Although if you find that, wow.)
– A CHA jersey
– MeanEgirl holding a sign
– A Gopher fan doing a jersey pop
– The guys wearing presidents masks
– Someone in a jersey from a foreign country
– Someone wearing a sombrero
– RWD!

Good luck and happy hunting! See you freaks tomorrow! Or, to be more accurate, later today!

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  1. 19 March 2009 11:43 am

    >”not one person wearing several jerseys”I don’t know if it’s all that tough, I seem to recall photos from either you or MEg which seemed to show some jersey swapping going on. 😉


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