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23 June 2009


The 2009-2010 schedule is out!

And has been for, like, a week. One of the great things about not writing a “newsy” blog is I don’t have to write things as they happen, but rather when I feel like it. I can also write about my #1 favorite subject: ME!

Anyway, following in my usual tradition of color-coded posts using hideously clashing hues, here’s my take on the schedule and probable attendance. Home games are in vomit and away games are in squash. I still haven’t decided if I am going to be a Season Ticket Holder starting this year or next, but it’s not like there’s a problem.

10/3/2009 British Columbia (EX)
Yes, yes, definitely! I can’t be held back. Plus I need to go up and do some recon for the following weekend.

10/9/2009 Lake Superior State
10/11/2009 Northern Michigan
This weekend is PEANUT BUTTER HJELLE TIME!!!!!!! Details to come! If you like fun, you definitely want to mark your calendars. And if you don’t, please stay home. Going Friday, not Sunday.

10/16/2009 Minnesota State-Mankato
10/17/2009 Minnesota State-Mankato
Attending Saturday, Friday if I’m not working.
10/23/2009 St. Cloud State
10/24/2009 St. Cloud State
I might be able to go to both games, as it’s a really easy drive, and I’m SURE the boys are hungry for revenge. Hopefully Brady can remain calmer than Al, and Campion will be reffing somewhere else. Actually, I hope that loser is reffing somewhere else EVERY WEEKEND. *Possible golden birthday/David Grun’s first goal series*
10/30/2009 Clarkson
10/31/2009 Clarkson
Exciting Halloween series!! I think we’ll definitely have to have a costume night. Also, home game + non con >= tUMD win! *Possible golden birthday/David Grun’s first goal series*
11/6/2009 Colorado College
11/7/2009 Colorado College
Can’t go. As much as I’d like to go to the Springs, I gotta spend one weekend at home. Gotta make the trip soon. I should make 14ers come with me!
11/13/2009 Michigan Tech
11/14/2009 Michigan Tech
SSPW, part III!!!! I’m not sure what’s going to happen but it will be crazy and there is a serious bet between MEg and Biddco. This will be my first Tech game without Robby, though. I might cry.
11/20/2009 Minnesota-Twin Cities
11/21/2009 Minnesota-Twin Cities
Unacceptable for me to miss these games. Definitely will be there. I’m pretty sure that there will be at least a few Gopher fans that say “I hope that awful girl from last year doesn’t come back.” I’ll haunt their dreams.
12/4/2009 North Dakota
12/5/2009 North Dakota
If Dirty goes, I’ll try to go to at least one game, probably Saturday. Should be a slaughter. I mean, does anyone play for UND? I mean, anyone who doesn’t have a rage disorder and isn’t a poor imitation of his more talented brother?
12/11/2009 Denver
12/12/2009 Denver
Probably Saturday. Probably. Good memories of last year’s Saturday series against Denver. And hey! No home game against Denver, where many teams have been massacred by the Pioneers and their racist mascot.
1/2/2010 Sheraton/TD Banknorth Catamount Cup (Vermont)
1/3/2010 Sheraton/TD Banknorth Catamount Cup (Vermont)
I think I might actually go to this. I haven’t decided if I want to drive or fly. Mapquest says it takes 22 hours and 53 minutes to go through the U.S. or 26 hours and 5 minutes to go up through Canada. Driving what??? A moped??? RWD times: 18 hours or 16 hours, respectively. This all depends on if Inebriated Mike wants to drive with us.
1/8/2010 Colorado College
1/9/2010 Colorado College
Saturday is probable, although I might have to sit this one out if I’ve been in Vermont.
1/15/2010 Minnesota State-Mankato
1/16/2010 Minnesota State-Mankato
Family time! I’ll probably get my cousins to go with. Should be able to make both games, whether we stay overnight or come back.
1/22/2010 Bemidji State
1/23/2010 Bemidji State
Friday, no. Not going to go to Buttmidji. Saturday, probably. I hope that crazy lady who was rubbing her butt on the glass whenever Bermidji scores is there again. I’ll be ready with some sort of sign.
1/29/2010 Wisconsin
1/30/2010 Wisconsin
Argh. Wisconsin. We know how I feel about them. EXTREME HATRED, in case you forgot. Saturday, probably!
2/5/2010 Michigan Tech
2/6/2010 Michigan Tech
SSPW, PART IV??? Winter Carnival??? Houghton???? DEFINITELY GOING. This road trip has been highly anticipated since we discovered we were playing @ Carni. Expect many tPBers, young and old, attending this trip. Folks, you should go. But book your hotel rooms early! Don’t be like CC, who had to stay 30 miles away! The MVP of Winter Carnival gets to kiss the Carnival Queen. I will kill her and take her place.
2/19/2010 North Dakota
2/20/2010 North Dakota
This might be the year, Dirty, HockeyMom, Sioux-cia (if you’re in the lower 48), and creepy Brady Lamb Stalker. I need to hit up an army surplus store for a gas mask first.
2/26/2010 Minnesota-Twin Cities
2/27/2010 Minnesota-Twin Cities
Saturday only. FHG will make fun of me for this. And I will make fun of him for like, 200 other things. Like his MINNESOTA DULUTH keychain!!!! It’ll be senior night, so I have to be there.
3/5/2010 Alaska Anchorage
3/6/2010 Alaska Anchorage
Ok. Only one of two series that I will definitely not attend. Sorry, Donald, but it’s going to have to wait at least another 2 years. Biddco thinks he is going. I will believe it when I see it.
3/12/2010 WCHA Playoffs
3/13/2010 WCHA Playoffs
3/14/2010 WCHA Playoffs
I’m of course being hopeful by putting this in vomit, not squash. We are DEFINITELY GOING TO HOST A PLAYOFF SERIES. Guys, come on. Your seniors really wanted this. This is UMD’s LAST CHANCE to host a playoff series in the DECC. We need it. Please. Remember how well begging worked? Well, I’m starting early!
3/18/2010 WCHA Final FIve
3/19/2010 WCHA Final Five
3/20/2010 WCHA Final Five
Of course. And I don’t even have school that weekend! GLORIOUS!

3/26/2010 NCAA Regionals
3/27/2010 NCAA Regionals
3/28/2010 NCAA Regionals
Can they make it 2 years in a row???

4/8/2010 NCAA Frozen Four
4/10/2010 NCAA Frozen Four
If you guys make it, I will come. Imagine this: there will be more wins at the Frozen Four than the Lions will have all season!!!!
Hm. If I actually stick to the schedule, it make sense to buy Saturday tickets! Thanks, readers, for helping me make the decision!
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  1. 23 June 2009 2:46 pm

    >It's a Duluth keychain, nothing to do with the school. Would not expect you to be up there for the weekend seeing you don't like to drink apparently.

  2. 23 June 2009 5:00 pm

    >Rage Disorder!?! Funny… Interesting article. đŸ™‚

  3. 25 June 2009 1:31 am

    >FHG…I am going to believe it is for the school :DGod I cannot wait for the hockey to start!


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