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>Hits From The Blog, Part Deux

8 July 2009


It’s been awhile since I’ve been lazy enough to do this, so I’ve got some good crazy stuff saved up. There are some twisted people out there, coming to RWD. And writing it.

Somewhat Hockey-Related
mike zacharias budweiser i take it he’s a big fan.
t.j. oshie beer bong people, get it right. that was jonathan toews.
greer Macgregor is this some sort of science experiment gone wrong?
euthanasia, nick kemp is that really necessary? can’t we just put him out to stud?
the drunk hockey guy blog umd doesn’t exist yet. you’re stuck with rwd.
don lucia complaining imagine that!
bulldog with fire helmet more like fire helmet with bulldog.

Hockey Player Stalker Hits
drew akins is cute probably a meanegirl hit.
is mike sertich of duluth minnesota married wow, even sertie gets stalked!
rob bordson is so hot yes.
uaa nathan lawson girlfriend i hope she’s combing the beaches, because he is washed up.
josh meyers shirtless yes yes.
bryan mcgregor girlfriend i wonder what he’s up to?
stu bickel girlfriend another meanegirl hit.
tyler bozak girlfriend probably dumped him when he got his knee injury.
tony lucia girlfriend …is jay barriball.
tj oshie apartment on you tube for what? dirtiest apartment ever?
alex goligoski girlfriend …is ryan potulny.
tyler ruegsegger girlfriend hopefully did not get projectile-vomited on.
glenn fisher girlfriend who? oh wait, that du guy.
jordan parise gf to be fair, the gf could stand for grand forks.
rob nolan girlfriend …is rwd.
tj oshie girlfriend should probably not view “tj oshie apartment on you tube.”
matt smaby engaged someone cares?
jonathan toews shirtless with a beer bong, i hope!

What the…????
when does air bud hockey come out i don’t know, but i can’t wait!!!
good rat keeping i guess you clean their cage and feed them and stuff.
boosh hot dogs the game yeah, i’m sure that happened.
making of the game banana is the “game banana” some sort of trophy for gorilla footballers?
rat bleeding from ears probably resulted from bad rat keeping.
cowbell penalty two minutes for not enough!
that heartless bitch, thb tech hockey blog?
christmas dogs midget performance i’m assuming this show is in tijuana.
my legs are extremely long does not apply here.
i’m a guy, and i want grow my hair out like jason micheal carrol’s, but until then, how should i manage my hair? ask hollywood clark!
your so into hockey and you don’t even know it t-shirts i would never wear that grammatically incorrect shirt.
why women don’t like hockey because we’re too busy making sandwiches and fetching beers.
home improvement brad shirtless in locker room who wants to see the mullet kid shirtless?
outline of bronco for pumpkin carving that seems useful.
rhyme master rwd yo yo yo, peace out homeslice.
where to go in denver if you’re single co14ers’ house.
why do people cut off deer heads on the side of the road because they are lousy shots.
shopko temple of doom i see someone shares my point of view.
political affiliation ted Kaczynski same as donald’s.
dogs that coach people i don’t think they exist. i searched.
jack i don’t think they are ready for this that’s what she said.
real life fights between badger and dogs ask cody danberg for footage.
wow fhg that’s what cardinal said.
does jack daniels have turpentine in it? does it matter?
i kissed a goon and i liked it?
what happened in the houghton temple …stays in the houghton temple.
runnin and quantum theory you’ve come to the right place!

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  1. 8 July 2009 7:53 am

    >I'm just rebellious. Ted is a luddite. And I'm not schizophrenic and neither am I.

  2. 9 July 2009 10:23 pm


  3. 10 July 2009 4:52 pm

    >Rob Bordson best do something on the ice this year or his "hottiness", which is already in question–growing out peroxide locks look–will be off THE LIST.


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