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29 July 2009



Where are you going to be? Oh, you already know where you’re going to be, of course. At the DECC. Duh. It’s UMD’s season opener. Time for our 3rd Annual Tie With Lake Superior State. Or maybe a win????


What will you be wearing??? Scary thought, I know. What if that horrible nightmare where you go out in public is realized??? How awful. Especially for the rest of us.

Of course, you know you can count on your Girl Friday, RWD, to come through. I work tirelessly for you. At this moment there are about 300 other things I should be doing, including but not limited to studying, sleeping, concentrating on the Star Trek: TNG episode on TV, or packing things away for the RWD headquarters move on Saturday. But no, you folks are my highest priority.

Anyway, to avoid public nudity, consider a PEANUT BUTTER HJELLE TIME!!!! t-shirt. These t-shirts are exclusively available through the eponymous Facebook group or by letting me know you want one. If you’re not sure what it looks like, the group photo will give you a pretty good idea. You can also view the image on Photobucket. If you get the red X, that means too many people have viewed it. Trust me, you won’t get the red X.

The t-shirts have not been priced yet, but please believe me, they are not a for-profit endeavor and they will be cheap. Joining the Facebook group is the best way to get information on pricing and availability. Then you won’t run up my stat counter checking in to see if they’ve been ordered yet.

This is a chance for UMD fans to support the team and rally behind our new goalie, but it’s also a time for UMD fans to rebuild some of the camaraderie that might have been lost in recent years. This is by no means limited to students (remember, I’m not a UMD student) or Penalty Box posters, so don’t think you’re too old/obscure/good to participate. It might also help if you reviewed some of the PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME YouTube videos to be prepared for the cheers (this is a multimedia event!!!) and dance moves.

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