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6 August 2009


The new roster is finally, finally, finally up. Sort of. No new pics, to my extreme dissastisfaction. So very very curious to see what the guys look like now that their hair has grown back. Or to see if certain individuals have quit using peroxide on their hair. And also to see who had to share their suit and tie.

1 Kenny Reiter
2 Brady Lamb
3 Chase Ryan
4 Evan Oberg
5 Trent Palm (quit being #54, which is good. This isn’t football!!)
6 Scott Kishel
7 Drew Akins
8 Drew Olson (okay, grouping the Drews together is good)
10 Dan DeLisle
11 Kyle Schmidt
12 Jack Connolly (Is Chris keeping the same number, too?)
13 Travis Oleksuk
14 Keegan Flaherty
19 Rob Bordson (Switching it up from #15)
21 Cody Danberg
22 Mike Connolly
23 Jordan Fulton
24 Mike Montgomery
26 Chad Huttel
27 David Grun (Excellent choice staying with #27, David! Be ready to score me a birthday goal!)
28 Wade Bergman
30 Brady Hjelle
37 Justin Fontaine

Stealth (no numbers yet)
Jake Hendrickson
Dylan Olsen
Mike Seidel (Pick #15!! Pick #15!!! It’s the hottie number!)

Ultra Stealth (not on roster yet)
Aaron Crandall

Sneaky (still on the roster)
Evan Oberg

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  1. 7 August 2009 6:26 pm

    >Dylan Olsen should be #9 so the Olsen/Olson boys can be together.word: ocanted–Is that similar to decanted?


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