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>Part Two:

18 August 2009


UMD Hockey: The Empire Strikes Back

Aka installment #2 in the UMD Hockey Facebook page’s highlight reels.

I know there’s something… something I’m supposed to be talking about… because everyone is… but I can’t think of it, so let’s just discuss what I love about this video.

1. Meyers clearing the puck from the crease as Stalock is nowhere near it after the initial save.
2. Bone-crushing hits in the MSUM game. Sadly, impossible to tell who is dishing them out.
3. Andrew Carroll’s game-tying goal against MSUM. I was clutching InebriatedMike and screaming.
4. Jacky goals!!!! Always a pretty sight.
6. Danberg’s goal where he was at the bottom of a pile shoving at the puck, and the refs when he FINALLY signals goal!
7. Vizoroo: check out Sharpy when he banks one off the crossbar at 3:47. 🙂
8. Cheverie lolling his head back at his utter futility.
9. Sharpy scoring a goal and then dumping a Gopher to the ice.
10. Sam Lofquist once again acknowledging he sucks after a UMD goal.
11. The Gophers’ gift to Sharpy… nice clearing pass to Sharpy, uncovered, with 4 Gophers lazily skating the other way.
I know this was maybe not Stalock’s finest hour, but I wanted to see footage of the play where Goro missed the net!!!
The grand finale had BETTER have some togas in it.
Hmmm… my boss just came by and said “19-0.” What does that mean???? 😀
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  1. 23 August 2009 12:05 am

    >If anyone had to score on DU, MacGregor Sharp would be my choice. But since he graduated, don't expect Chevy to be so generous. :-}Should I sign up as a tUMD hockey fan, even though we know I am a die hard DU fan?

  2. 23 August 2009 12:06 am

    >Toga! Toga! Toga!

  3. 23 August 2009 1:00 am

    >You should definitely become a tUMD fan! MEg is, and she's a die-hard Tech fan.

  4. 23 August 2009 11:22 pm

    >I'm going to do it, as long as we agree to DISLIKE gophers and sioux. And cc and scsu. Oh my, I just realized there's more of sucks in scsu than cc. LOL


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