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31 August 2009


Okay, the softball game count stands at 8. I have one tomorrow and one Tuesday, and then finally, finally, finally will get to rest. One knee is scraped up from diving back to a base, and the other ankle is twisted from rounding a base. Fortunately, my fingers are still functional and I can type.

A friend of mine sent me a message on Facebook to ask where he should get tickets for UMD’s game against Mankato State. (Yes! They are Mankato State if I say they are!) Of the six sections he mentioned, two were student sections, one was the band, and one I don’t even think exists as it’s where the Zamboni comes out.

I have sat virtually everywhere at the DECC, so I’ll go over the possible areas and give my advice.

Sections 1-5 (end)
UMD defends this area twice. If you like to watch good goaltending (which we have had and will continue to have this season!!), it’s a good place to sit. If you are like me and your hair falls out in clumps and you break out in hives when the puck comes anywhere NEAR the defensive zone, then you spend most of your time praying not to see any action. A lot of opposing fans will sit here, too.

Sections 6-9 (corners)
I confess, I have never sat here. Again, you’re in the end UMD defends twice, so take that as you will. However, if you are a player stalker, the guys in the stands can often be found at the top of 6 or 8.

Sections 10-17, 19 (sides)
The smaller the numbers, the closer you are to the end we defend twice, so the same advice applies from the previous comments. If you get too high up in the seats, you feel pretty much like you’re in the attic. You have a good view of the play whether you’re at center ice or on one of the bluelines.

Sections 10-19 (sides & corners, balcony)
I’ve never sat in the balcony corners, but they seem kind of neat because they’re just little pockets. It’s like an opera box. Section 14 (I think, either that or it’s 12) overlooks the UMD bench. That is the greatest seat I’ve ever had in my life (thanks Tammy!) but if you’re not into the smell of sweat and hockey equiptment (which has the same effect for me as pheromones have on bees) then it might not be for you. I loved sitting there although I didn’t get to yell nearly as much because I didn’t want to draw too much attention to myself. Although I scared Chris Garner when I yelled at this crazy woman from Bemidji. Sections 15 and 17 are over the opposing bench, so if you like to beak people, it’s a good spot.

Section 18 (side)
Section 18 is 1. where UMD’s comped seats are (so if you’re into stalking players’ whole families, this is where you need to camp out) and 2. directly next to the student section. Maybe not the best place for small children, but a good place for someone who likes to get involved in cheers.

Sections 20, 22, 24 and evidently 26 (corner & end)
UMD student section. A great place to sit if you want to stand, be silly, be a big part of the cheering, and possibly get vomited on. They are usually packed, and it’s general admission. You’re not supposed to sit there if you aren’t a student, but I kind of blend in. And if you are a student, it’s the only place you get the cheap student rate. UMD shoots twice here, so the goalie gets plenty of harrassment.

Sections 21, 23, and 25 (corner)
I generally sit here (specifically in 23 & 25) because it’s where my friends sit, though I wouldn’t say I like sitting in the corners the best. It’s probably where I’ll get my season tickets, again, just so I can sit with folks I know. My major complaint about the corners is when the puck gets in there, you can’t see anything, so you miss big hits and battles and possibly even fights, and you can’t be an armchair referee if you can’t see the action.

Sections 27 & 28 (end)
I sit here occasionally for hard-to-buy games. UMD shoots twice here, which is great, but I don’t like the view as much as the view from the sides, where the action is side to side and you can see shots and saves. High school kids often sit at the top of 27, which can get annoying.

I have never sat in A, F, M, N, O, R, S and don’t have any comments about them except for the view issue which I’ll talk about in other sections.

Section D & E (floor, side)
Section D abuts the opponents’ penalty box. If you are interested in having a chat with anyone from the other team, this is the place to do it. Ask MEg for tips on what to discuss. The Plexiglas makes it difficult to see up ice, but it is a neat experience to sit down where the action is, and I recommend folks try it at least once. If you sit in Section E, you might run into some of the surplus players, as some of them hang out at ice level.

Sections G & H (floor, end)
Can anyone actually sit here other than the band and the Zamboni?

Section J, K, L (floor, corner & side)
I see a lot of recruits sitting in section J. Opposing fans sit here a lot, so it’s best for UMD fans to sit elsewhere unless you want to get into a battle. Section L is right next to the vistors’ bench, so if you are an insane woman from Bemidji, you can go crazy and rub your butt on the glass in full view of your team. The opposing team also comes out right between J and K, so their fans can give them pats on the back as they come off, depressed that they lost YET AGAIN to the unstoppable force that is UMD.

Of course, this advice is only useful for a season and a half. Then I’ll have to start all over again!

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  1. 31 August 2009 3:56 pm

    >Can't wait to be in that student section!


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