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17 September 2009


Just in time for the end of New York Fashion Week, THE PEANUT BUTTER HJELLE SHIRTS ARE READY FOR ORDER!!!!!!!!

They are $10. SO CHEAP! SO AMAZING!

They DO NOT have anything on the back. No date, no PBHj w/a hockey stick. We would not have been able to sell them for $10 if we had had them on the back.

Easiest way to order is through PayPal. Send me your email address, size, and quantity. I will send a request for payment through PayPal. Until you pay, your shirt is not really yours. If you really need to pay some other way we can figure it out.

Pickup will be at the game on Oct 9th. We will be there bright and early. Biddco will be dressed as a banana. It should be easy to find.

If you live in Duluth but will not be at the game or want it early, arrange w/Biddco. (Join the Facebook group or tUMD Penalty Box to do so)
If you live in the Cities and can’t make the game or want it early, arrange w/me (email!).
If you need it shipped we’ll have to figure something out.

You can order by emailing me (runwiththedogs[at]hotmail[dot]com) or sending me or Biddco a private message on Facebook or on the Penalty Box.

First come, first served, so let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE what your order will be.

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