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27 October 2009


It’s my birthday, bitches!! And I’ll swear if I want to!!! I’m 27 on October 27th!!!! Wow!!!

I’ve never been one of those people who passive-aggressively keeps their birthday a secret until 11:59:59 PM and then rages at everyone for forgetting. I have enough things to rage about, thank you. The more people know, the happier the day is! I am already having a great birthday. I got a fabulous email from one of my best friends from college, and a box waiting on the front step when I got home that came from my mom and sounds as though it is broken, and a birthday card from my grandparents addressed to the wrong name, as usual!

The last time I celebrated my birthday with any sort of celebration was… oh, wait, nm, I mean the SECOND TO LAST time, whoops, Grandma’s gettin’ old… ok, it was my 21st, the last I spent in Illinois. It wasn’t a birthday… it was like, a birthCARNIVAL! The Brazilian kind! It lasted for days! I think there was Fighting Illini football (meaning Fighting Illini losing), and DEFINITELY Fighting Illini HOCKEY with pregaming at my favorite bar followed by the game (I had season tickets, which were $40 TOTAL!) and extreme harrassment of the visiting team and then more bar. And then on MY actual birthday… oh, a fluid mechanics test. It was a Monday. Things happen.

But that was the start of Birthday Hockey. Let’s discuss the birthday hockey record!

2003: Illinois 4, Eastern Michigan 2
2004: tUMD 4, Mankato State 1, things happened
2005: tUMD 6, Tech 3, CURRY SCORES 2 GOALS IN 30 SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!!
2006: tUMD 2, DU 1, Garrison gets the GWG in OT!
2007: tUMD 4, DU 0, Sharp and Bordson have goals!
2008: tUMD 5, SCCC 1, Jacky and Sharp have 2 assists each, Drew Akins gets a goal!!!

Guys. We have to talk. Especially you, David Grun. Guys who wear 27 (Peluso, Curry) have gotten goals for me on my birthday. You must carry on the tradition. But a win is most important. I will not be at the game, which is causing me to hyperventilate (I AM NOT GOING TO SEE A GAME LIVE FOR LIKE THREE FRIGGIN WEEKS), so you guys have to help me. Just… play really really well. And take a commanding lead and never let up. BE RELENTLESS. Please do not make me worry about this game. I have enough stress!!! I KNOW you can do this. Look at the awesome record you’ve compiled over the last five years. And some of those teams were, like, TERRIBLE. And they STILL pulled out birthday wins for me.

It’s Tuesday, four weeks into the season, and I’m already begging. Sigh.

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  1. 27 October 2009 10:21 pm

    >Happy Birthday!

  2. 27 October 2009 10:25 pm

    >The Gwoz must have noticed DU's record on tUMD when they play on your designated Birthday Weekend. tUMD is not on DU's schedule for the entire month of October. Remember to CELEBRATE!!!

  3. 28 October 2009 5:23 pm

    >Happy belated Birthday!


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