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Dirty Dozen

19 November 2009

Today is Dirty’s birthday.

Dirty is a pretty neat person who I talk to pretty much every day. On the InterWebs, of course, because he lives in the middle of nowhere and we are both sociopaths who eschew normalcy. Dirty makes me laugh pretty much every time I talk to him. We are also always simultaneously reacting in the same bizarre way to the most random of things. I really need to start saving examples because I don’t know if that even made sense. He’ll know what I mean.
12 Hilarious Things Involving Dirty
1. He posted this picture on SiouxSports a few years ago. At least, I think it was him, but if not, I now associate it with him.
2. Last year I had to drive MEg, Dirty, and Dirty’s vile henchman to the airport on Christmas Day. I got confused driving in construction and we ended up going the wrong way and I had about a thimbleful of gas in my tank and it might also have been snowing. Dirty was in the backseat of the car yelling like he was a televangelist about how we were never going to make it to the airport. I think you had to be there but it was really funny. They were pretty desperate for a driver, clearly.
3. Last year I named Dirty Blogger Hottie of the Year. It offended people. Just like pretty much every post on his hilarious blog. He did make a typo in the post by saying “a historic” rather than “an historic.”

4. USCHO poster Jockstock (rumoured to be Tyler Hirsch) wrote this ode to Dirty.

5. This post on Dirty’s Diatribe not only epitomizes his love/hate relationship with Startthebus, but it also is a quintessential Dirty/fan interaction.

6. At a Gopher-Sioux game, Danny Irmen told Dirty he liked his cape, and that his sister had one just like it. Dirty has some great interactions with players. And also Gwoz. I was amazed that that post had 41 comments but pretty much all of them are in Chinese or Korean or something.

7. I Gauntletted Dirty (remember when I used to do that?). It is a terrifying example of how similar we are. Two insane egos fighting for control. I totally claim responsibility for Dirty starting a blog, as I suggested it in the interview.

8. Dirty got in a game-long argument with this 14-year-old kid from Ashland at a tUMD/UND game at tDECC. MEg and I got stuck with this kid this year and sent Dirty a little photo greeting. This kid can not WAIT until Dec 4/5.

9. Dirty was obsessed with Chris “Hollywood” Clark and his spiky hair. He used to give hair tips on USCHO but ran out and now uses a tip from Hollywood himself permanently: “when its minus 20 and u have to go outside.. make sure u wear a winter hat as the mohawk does not enjoy the winter weathe[r].”

10. Dirty makes the most amazing shirts, including a “Tech Fans: Have you seen me?” Casey Pierro-Zabotel shirt or a picture of Dude Love deep-throating a hot dog captioned “I score more than Tech.”

11. If I ever need to make an offensive but hilarious comment, I can always always always make it to Dirty and he never finds it offensive and usually is either already thinking the same thing or at least finds it hilarious.

12. Just terrifying.


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  1. 19 November 2009 5:08 pm

    >Since when did dirty become a UMD fan?

  2. 21 November 2009 5:49 pm

    >Sounds like we've found a love connection.Stick it to her, Dirty!

  3. 21 November 2009 5:55 pm

    >LOL.I'm already taken. Plus Dirty has Pretty in Sioux!


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