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>Where Angels Fear To Tread

4 December 2009


Oh, my friends, I am lame, I know. This bye week has gotten me lazy lazy lazy. I tuned into National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation two nights in a row! And both nights, it was totally tuned to my favorite part, when Clark is in the attic wearing a fur capelet, a turban, and gloves while watching home movies! Serendipitous! I was so lazy I was contemplating NOT going to Duluth this weekend because it would take too much energy. Also I was contemplating not going to Duluth because OMGMACGREGORSHARP!!! is going to be here with the Ducks. Dear Chuck Fletcher, could you trade James Sheppard to Anaheim in exchange for MacGregor Sharp? I would be happy. So would Goon.

However, just like Fantine in Les Misérables, I dreamed a dream last night about the Final Five. tUMD beat the pants off the Gophers in the play-in game and the arena was empty. And also the bleachers were made of, like, plywood. Then we played UND and were tied 2-2 when the dream ended. So I’m back in action.

Speaking of MacGregor Sharp, here is an article from the Red Deer Advocate about the man himself. Thank you to the person who sent me the article, you are awesome!! ;^) To translate, “centre” is Canadian for “center.”

On our coaches’ role in his development:

“I played in pretty much every situation and really worked on my defensive game,” he said. “I talked to our coaches about playing pro hockey at some point and they stressed the fact that you have to be responsible defensively to get to that level. Faceoffs, penalty killing and defensive zone play . . . I worked hard at them and they’re all a big part of my game.”

On his decision between major juniors and college:

“Originally, I was just going to work on my game for a year (at the junior A level) and then probably go to Medicine Hat,” said Sharp, who was selected by the Tigers in the 2000 Western Hockey League bantam draft. “But I got a scholarship pretty early in my first season and ended up sticking with that. I followed through with it and it worked out pretty well.[..]

“I didn’t really have any plans as to where I would end up, the big thing was to continue working at my game while getting an extra couple of years to develop. I don’t think I weighed enough or was a big enough guy when I was younger to play really well in the Western League. Those couple of years of developing in college were really good for me.”

Paging Paul Kelly… please pick up the white courtesy phone.

Anyway, tUMD plays UND this weekend. I do not know if you folks are aware of this, since most of you don’t have time to scour the dregs of the Interwebs, but I am sad and pathetic and have time to do so, and thus I know that UND is referred to as the “Fighting Halos.” From what I understand, the moniker refers to UND fans’ inability to accept their team deserves the penalties they take. They are simply above reproach. I will make sure to watch closely this weekend. Because, of course, I am going.

Team Cougar has picked up Rob Bordson. I hope this does not cause undue stress. Making him My Guy was detrimental.

Dylan Olsen has been invited to Team Canada’s tryout camp for the World Junior Championships. tUMD recruit Justin Faulk has been invited to Team USA’s. This is nontopical, but congratulations to both!

This is the biggest test that tUMD will have had in this young season. These next two weeks are more daunting than walking down a hallway full of Naval aviators at a Tailhook symposium. I mean, UND and DU are no Bemidji State, but they are certainly still formidable opponents.

Whoever has the better goaltender will win this series. Ditto for the next. tUMD needs to be responsible in their own end. No one comes to RWD for analysis (except for very misguided souls) so I won’t bore you in a feeble attempt. Put the puck behind Eidsness and keep it in front of Kenny and Brady.

It’s been far, far, FAR too long. I am so beyond jacked for some BULLDOG HOCKEY!!! See you at tDECC!!!

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  1. 4 December 2009 5:47 pm

    >The last time I dreamed about a college hockey game was the day before the 2008 Frozen Four in St Louis. In my dream, Oshie scored the go ahead goal in the 3rd period and then I was sadly awakened.

  2. 4 December 2009 8:58 pm

    >Donna you're right I would love to see Sharp playing for the Wild, I think Sheppard is a waste of skin. I saw a game last night on the NHL network and was playing against the Dallas Starts. The announcers were talking about how they liked his name. I have to admit it does have a nice ring to it and he would look really good it he X-mas jersey the Wild wear at home.

  3. 4 December 2009 9:52 pm

    >MacGregor Sharp seems to be a favorite of announcers on the local Duck games too. Hoping he gets to stay up with the Ducks. Selanne was injured Thursday so now they have 4 forwards out.

  4. 5 December 2009 5:59 am

    >Hextall For Hobey, isn't that the worst?Sharp did not play tonight, so I am glad that I did not skip the Bulldogs game.


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